The end of the third week in the mtc!

First off, I would just like to say thanks to everyone that has written me a letter! I really appreciate it.  But for those of you who haven't written me a letter, shame be on you. *cough cough.... MORGAN AND LAUREN.....cough cough* :D Its ok though. It has been really nice, and I am actually running out of stamps! I am gonna have to buy some more today.
So the things that have been interesting in my life are:
1) Last week we had Elder Robert D Hales come and give a speach to us at a devotional. It was so good! It was about how we all have to have the light of christ within us if we are going to try and get other people to feel their light of christ and be converted to the gospel. It was a big Light vs. Darkness talk, and it reminded me a ton of LOST.
2) My companion, Anziano Mickelsen, is a really good singer. They announced here that the MTC was putting together a special singing group (I cant spell quior) so my comp signed up. They sent him a tryout time in the mail, but since we dont get our mail till 9:30 p.m., he was 3 hours too late for his tryout because he didnt know he even had the tryout date and he didnt get to audition. 
3) Every sunday I get to go on a Temple walk around the temple, and I love it.  The temple is exceediong beautiful, and on sunday it was rainy and cloudy so it was the perfect weather for photos. I even got a bunch of flower photos, just because i know Mariah would be disappointed in me if I didnt do something really artistic.
4) Today we got to send off some sister missionaries to Italy. They are going to the Milano mission, and they were here 6 weeks before I was. It was really cool, but sad at the same time because I grew to be good friends with them and now I probably wont ever see them again since they are in a different mission than me. It also just made me EXTREMELY jealous, and I want nothing more to be shipped off to Italy as soon as possible.
5) I had an appointement at the TRC yesterday where we got to teach a pretend investigator about the Plan of Salvation. First we had to pick them up and "take them to church" all speaking italian. I am usually very bad at the language, and fumble for things to say, but this time things came relatively easily. I still stammered and fumbled a little, but not NEARLY as bad as usual.
6) My companion keeps telling me that if I use dryer sheets with my dri-lux garments it will ruin them. I dont know if that is true or not, so im gonna keep using them anyways. If anyone has some info about it though, it would be nice to have!
So here are somethings that I have learned:
  • The Gift of Tongues is VERY real.
  • I need to work on patience and charity. ALOT.
  • I still have a TON to learn, and that I was not really prepared for this at all.
  • I LOVE it here. It is totally incredible. Its extremely hard, but it is so worth it.
  • I am definately not the coolest cat on the fence, but im ok with that.
Also, this is an assignment for my family. Find the color code thing online, and send it to me! print it off and send me the test.
Love you all!

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