Half way done in the MTC!

Things are going really well! I am now pretty much adapted to everything here. My life has been all the same, but I am rarely, if ever, bored because I always have so much to do. Here are some interesting things that have happened since last time. 1) All the italian districts have started playing pranks of each other. I promise that I have not been the main cause for this new "friendly feud", but I have supported it lol. Its all good fun, and everyone has enjoyed it. Mostly we just steal the really nice chairs, and the Italian flags, and the fans out of each others rooms.     2) This next week and a half is really cool because it is going to be Mission President Week. They are bringing in 130+ some odd presidents, because of that the entire first presidency, and at least 6 of the Twelve will be walking around for it. They will be giving special devotionals for the missionaries too, so that will be way cool.       3) The Pope came and visited the Italians going to the Milan Mission.. haha jk...... actually it was just a really high ranking catholic priest, and he flew from Italy to come visit us and tell about his relationship with the missionaries. He didnt speak english, but we could understand that he was really good friends with the missionaries in italy, and that his relationship with them consisted of him trying to convert them, and them trying to convert him. It was a really cool experience. Too bad I didnt get to meet him because I am going to the Rome mission, and he only wanted to see the missionaries going to Milan.       4)  We were eating dinner one day, and all the Anziani sitting at our table forgot the stand up for the sisters as they came to sit down. This elder going to denmark, who was new because he still had his orange dork dot on his tag, got all mad at us for it, and told us that Jesus would have backhanded us in the face for showing such disrespect, and that if he wasn't wearing the nametag that he would backhand us for him.... It was all totally rediculous, especially since he hadnt been standing up for them either. We still laugh about it lol.  5) I lost my pocket nametag two weeks ago, so I went and ordered a new one. Then, yesterday, I pull a shirt out of my closet and see my old name tag still on the pocket. I felt like total idiot lol, but the good thing is that i now have TWO! name tags! Its the best lol.      6) I now totally love my companion! He is a way cool kid. He used to annoy me, and I didnt see eye to eye with him on some things, but now we get along great! He is turning into a way good friend. A thing that really helped us is that we went and taught this guy in the TRC, whose name was clayton. It turned out the be the most spiritual lesson we have taught so far, and we both realised that we were being stupid about each other. We just realised we are there to be friends, not people who are just forced to hang out together 24-7.     Anyways, I love you all! thanks for everything! Anziano Parry..  P..S.. the computer im using is broken, and wont let me use the enter button..

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