Two weeks in the MTC!

So far, I cant really complain about too much. I have decided to do a the good, bad, and the ugly letter just like my buddy Justin because of time restraints.
The Good- Last week on thursday, my teacher Fratello Auna had all the missionaries in the district teach each other according to what we thought the needs of the person we were teaching are. We kinda just asked questions and got to know the people we were teaching a little better, and then we prepared a lesson according to what we thought they needed. I thought we did a really good job teaching, and then it was the other peoples turn to teach us. Anziano Maughan, the DL of my district, was somehow able to adress a concern that I have had but had never talked about. He didnt even say anything about the concern I did voice. It was really cool. Then, later that day my other teacher, Sorella Lewis, came in and told us that she was really having a hard time in her life right then because she was about to get married and could really feel the devil working at her. The whole district just bore our testamonies to her and she said it completely turned around how she was feeling. It was very cool..
The Bad- I have not been able to get more than probably 6 hours of sleep a night since I got here. I adjusted to the "early to bed, early to rise" deal, but my roommate snores up a storm, and tosses and turns so much that it wakes me us all the time during the night. I swear he sounds like an evil beast from the abyss, but I shall deal. I can only hope that i will soon become tired enough to sleep right through everything. I also became sick, and have been fighting a cough and nasty nose stuff for almost a week now. Its miserable, but I am almost through it.
The Ugly- We had a soccer game against the missionaries going to mexico. They had been talking up a storm about how Italy sucks, and that they hate italy, so we just couldnt let that slide. We ended up winning the soccer game, 3-0, with me in the goal, and it was amazing! But then, Elder Fotu, a Tongan elder going to mexico, got way freakin pissed and started swearing and cussing up a storm. I think I heard worse language from him than i did anytime during High school. He then started tackling people, and he hit this one skinny kid and the kid went flying. Elder Fotu is a really scary guy even when he isnt playing sports. Like gang scary.  It was really embarrasing to be a missionary, and have someone else who bears that same title act in such a way.
Anyways, my testamony in Italian Io voglio portare la mia testamonianza. I so che Gesu cristo e il nostro redentore e salvatore.
Thats all I have for today! My timer is running out. PEACE!!

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