A Week to Remember

Well well well, here we are again, and seven days later than the last one.. The days are really starting to fly right by, and it literally feels like yesterday that I had my last P-day.. The computers here are still buggin' out, so the Enter key isnt working and the period key puts two dots instead of one..  I still love it here at the MTC, and only hate it on the occasion.. :D  This last week had been a total crazy one, and I have so much to say!    1) I met my new mission president! He and his wife were so amazing! The minute they walked into the room I could just feel love for eminating from them.. It was like I was look at my new Mom and Dad for the next two years.. I just have this overwhelming feeling that I will be taken care of when serving under them..    2) My roommate got sent a care package with a squirt gun in it and everything.. I thought that was soo cool! So even though I had no intention of using it on anyone, I took the squirt gun into the bathroom to fill it up and spray it in the sinks, and then throw it away.. I finished filling it up, and turned around to find the head honcho guy incharge of my building, and boy was I in trouble lol He said " thats not gonna fly" and took the gun from me, threw it away, and then took me back to my room where he chewed everyone out, but me especially lol.. I guess I havent changed that much haha..  3) Over the space of 4 days, every single member of the Twelve and the First Presidency were walking around the main building because they were training the new mission presidents.. It was soo cool! Elder Dallin H. Oaks gave a talk at the "secret devotional" we had just because they were there, and it was really cool. 8 of the Twelve came. It was Bednar, Oaks, Holland, Christopherson, Anderson, and 3 others that I dont remember. It was really cool because I got to go earlier, and so I got a really good seat about 10 feet from President Holland and the stand. President Oaks winked at me, and President Holland gave an Elder a "good Job butt tap" as he walked by lol :D it totally cracks me up, and makes me love them even more..    Well, I think that is everything so far, so I just want to end with my testamony in Italian: Io so che Gesu Cristo e i nostri redentore e salvatore. Io so che solo mediante Gesu Cristo e la sua espiazione, possiamo ritornare e vivere con Dio e Gesu Cristo. Io amo mia famiglia piu come Io penso possibile.. Io SO che la questa chieza e di solo vera chieza nell Terra..

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