3 weeks left in the MTC!

Buon Giorno! I am still having an amazing time in the MTC (surprise surprise) and havent gotten depressed yet ( I doubt that will ever happen). I dont miss family too much either, so I supposed that is a good thing too ;D well.... let me rephrase that. I miss you all a total bunch! But I am not missing you at all.... if that makes sense lol.
So far, I think that this last week has been my fastest one so far in the MTC.  It really does seem that yesterday was P-day.
Well, Here are some things that you might find interesting:
1) I am now sleeping basically all the way through the night lol. I still wake up a bunch, but its not affecting me nearly as much as it used to!
2) This last week was my absolute worst for mail. I got 2 letters the whole week, and one of them was from a friend. So... Family, (except for brad and mariah) I am telling you that you are failing :D haha its actually not to bad lol. I find that letters is nice, but its totally not the end of the world when I dont get some.
3) My district gets to teach a real investigator from Italy! His name is Matteo, and he is really close to being baptised. I get to teach him next monday, so I just hope that the the Spirit tells me what to say to help him take care of the things he needs to.
I am sorry this email isnt much longer! My computer was being dumb so I ended up getting 10 minutes less than I usually do!
Io so che la questa chieza e la solo vera chieza nella terra. Io sono MOLTO grato per Gesu Cristo, e Io so che lui e il mio redentore e salvatore.

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