Less than two weeks left till Italy!

BuonGuorno Tutti!
I am writing this letter in a really hot and stuffy office in some cramped part of the 3rd floor of my language building. It is hot, but I figure it is just getting me used to what all of Italy will be like! Things have been going really well for me here. I havent had the most interesting week ever, but I will tell you some of my favorites that happened.
But very first, I have some apologies that I want to say:D I have been gettting everyone's letters every week, so I am sorry for those of you that felt "put out" by my saying otherwise (haha that one is for you Dad;D ) I have always been afflicted with the condition of writing, typing, and saying things long before I think about what they actually mean. ( Lol and that lol is for you Gramps ;D ) I also apologise for bugging everyone about their home address' (this is for ammon) I just wanted to make sure I could send them a tie or something for their birthdays.
Now, onto my week.
1) I was playing soccer, and I was running around doing whatever it is I do ( most of the time I dont know what im doing on a soccer field) when I got pinged in the head by a bird! I felt something hit me in the side of the head, and it freaked me out cause I could hear flapping, and amidst my flailing arms I look over and see the most adorable little bird I have ever seen about a foot from my face. It definately made my day.
2) I have now had my first experience saying something inappropriate in Italian when I thought I was saying something totally else haha. I will spare you all the terrible details, but rest assurred it was by accident and totally hilarious. I still laugh about it haha. At least my teacher corrected me so know I really know how to say what I was trying to.
3) For the sunday night fireside, I was in the way back of the auditorium, when all of a sudden everyone started standing up. I knew someone important had to have walked in because that was the protocol for such things, but I couldnt tell who it was. Our speaker was Jenny Oaks Baker, who is a world famous, internationaly renowned, highly sought after violin player, and she is the daughter of Elder Dallin H. Oaks, so that was who walked in. She played the Violin for us, and it was the most beautiful violin music I have ever heard in my life.
4) My companion and I got to teach Matteo yesterday! He is a real, true blue Italian investigator from northern Italy! It was really interesting. He helped us with our italian, and responded back. His story is that he was baptised a year ago, but because of family problems he never got confirmed, but he talked to a mission president a couple days ago and found out that his actual baptism is still valid, he just needs to be confirmed. He wants to by the end of this month.
5) About my times I can call home, rumor is that we will be leaving the MTC on July 27th at 3:30 a.m. so I am not sure exactly when I will be able to call you, or if you want to stay up that late so I can call. When I get my flight plans I will know for sure what is going on and I will be sure to write my parents and let them know what the plan is.
Anyways, that is pretty much all the fun facts of the week. I am now totally converted to SYL, Speak Your Language, because since I have been doing it 100 % my language skills have grown amazingly. I love you all, and are all in my prayers!

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