Baptism of Giulia

So when I came to Ostia, my companion had been teaching this girl named Giulia for about two weeks. She was a total rock, and just loved everything we told her. So I came in, and we just kept teaching her everything, and she just kept soaking it all up. She accepted everything we told her, and if she had any questions all she would do is ask for a scripture, and then she would accept it. She accepted the invitation to be baptised very readily, and she was really excited. Then came the day when she was baptised, and it was special for me because I had actually taught her, and I had never seen a baptism yet. When she came up out of the water, I felt calm, like the calm that came after the storm ended. There is the calm before the storm, where everything is still calm, but there is nervousness too because you know something is coming, this was the night before the baptism for me. Then there is the storm itself, where everything is exciting and happening, like with how I was having to run around and get everything ready for it the day of. Then, when it actually happened, and finished, it was just a peaceful, no worries type feeling. I am not sure how to explain it, but it somehow changed me. I loved that feeling with all my heart, and I would almost do anything to get it again. Seeing this just kinda helped reaffirm why and what I am doing as a missionary.

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