First Transfer down, Fifteen to go!

So here I am, typing out this Email in Battipaglia, sweating and smelling like a buffalo, and just pondering the fact that this is the end of my first transfer.
I find it strange to think that I am already done with 1/16th of my mission in italy, but in fact, I am 1/7th done over all.
I want to just kinda to tell what I did in the last six weeks here in a nutshell.
Week 1
This was my first real week of missionary work in Italy. I loved every day, every second, and every memory. It was really strange for me after the first sunday. My first Sunday in Italy I got up and gave my testimony because it was Fast Sunday, and I loved speaking in my broken Italian. During this week we went and met with all of the members here, just to get to know them, and to get a feel for the work. We hadnt found alot of people to teach yet, but Anziano Nancollas was nice enough to give us work to do when we first got here. For my first P-day we went to Sorrento, which was absolutely incredible. I bought some hand-made Sorrentian music boxes, and enjoyed the view. Then we finished out the week strong with bringing alot of investigators to church.
Week 2
Things went well this week. Because I had to obtain special permission to stay in Italy, I had to travel all over the place to get papers and things stamped and signed for my Permesso di Soggiorno, and for that I had to go to Salerno, and then to Napoli this week. Napoli is incredible. I am in love with that city. It is just so full of life, and exciting, that I cant help but to enjoy myself there, despite the danger of the city of Napoli. I had a pizza from Palone, and then got on the train to go home. I also had my first zone conference this week, and it was really great. I had to travel again, but it was alright. I got to see President and Sister Kelly, and I got some mail from home which was a nice surprise.
Week 3
The senior couple here left to go back home, so I got to move into their house. It is way nice, and we even got a car! I am getting spoiled for my first transfer. Because we had the car, we decided to go to Salerno alot to work. The first night we went to Salerno, we knock on this door, and a family of five opens up and invited us to come back later because they felt peaceful when they  saw us and they liked our smiles! But man, family of five... Needless to say I was excited. For P-day, the whole zone got together and played basketball. It was a ton of fun, even though I was totally terrible. We had a local girl playing with us, but she was better than most and I got stuck guarding her, so needless to say I got whooped by a girl.
Week 4
We went back and taught the family of five. But by the end of the lesson it turned out to be a family of ten, and every single one loved us. They had to go back home because they were on vacation, so we sent their referal to the elders that worked by them. It was sweet. This week I went to the American Base in Caserta, and it was like a little slice of America. I got to buy a ton ton of american food, and see american vehicles. It felt like I was in a dream. Then, later this week, we went to Salerno, and we met three Brazillians within ten minutes of each other! Wild! But they all loved us, and we got appointments to go back and see them. We went and saw Jaquellina, and when we gave her a Portuguese Book of Mormon, she started crying. It was the coolest thing ever.
Week 5
I had my first exchange this week with Elder Bahr, and it was cool to see how another Elder works. I bought a Venus Fly Trap this week for fun, and we have been feeding it bugs almost on a daily basis. We have also been doing a ton of publicity for our English class, so we have been taping up tons of flyers everywhere. Our work has been growing slowly, and we are actually teaching people we found on our own this week. My companion is dying, so he is getting trunkier by the day, but he is still working like a champ. He is the man. I cant believe I lose my trainer at the end of this transfer.
Week 6
This week is happening as I type. Transfer calls were this week. Needless to say, I am not staying in Battipaglia. I am being transfered to Ostia, which is on the outskirts of Roma! That is where I will be doing my work, but I will be living in the Rome 1 apartment with the elders there. The cool thing is that that apartment is only about a mile from the Vatican! I live in Rome! My new companion will be Anziano Shaw, and from what I hear he is a great missionary. Leaving here after one transfer is hard, but not my will, but the Lords be done. Then today for P-day, I went to go see how Buffalo cheese is made, and it is sweet. And then I went to Paestum to see some greek temples. No big deal lol.
So that is how my transfer has gone. I have loved being here so far, and I cant wait to keep going. It feels like I will never be as old as my trainer, and I tell him that, but he assures me that it will come sooner or later. Little does he know that I have super powers and I never get older if I dont want to. Child at heart for forever!
Anziano Parry

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sounds like you are doing great...I'm going to dearelder this to elder wallace!

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