I. Love. Ostia. But then again, I have loved pretty much every single place I have been to in Italy so far. This last week has been a really new learning experience for me too, and I have had alot of really neat experience too. I have a feeling that it will be a transfer of miracles.
So I arrived it Rome, and my new companion, Anziano Shaw picked me up. I had to say goodbye to Anziano Cooper, who in mission slang is my father because he trained me, and I sent him off to die because he was going home. My transfer with him was incredible. But a saying I love here in Italy is "Sempre Avvante, non mai in dietro" which means "Always forward, Never Behind".
I have just been getting to know people for these last couple of days. I am in Rome 4, which is a fully functioning ward, which is really cool to see. It is really different from the branch in Battipaglia. The members here are great, and have done a really good job in welcoming me here. The members here also have a REALLY strong testimony of Priesthood Blessings, and in my first two days here I participated and annointed the oil in two blessings, and helped with comfort blessing. I have a feeling, a slight butterfly in the stomach, rollarcoaster feeling, that sometime in this transfer will be my first time giving a blessing in a foreign language.
We have three baptism dates set right now. I have met everyone of them except for a man named Christopher. They are all way cool people, and I cannot wait to do all I can to help them along their way.
 The older day we got off a stop in our area called Colloseo, and the second I walked out of the doors of the Metro, right in front of me, like a rising giant of grandness and splendor from olden times, was the Colloseum. It is every bit as cool as the stories. I have seen it several times now, and it hasnt gotten old yet. I was also tempted by Satan there, because as we were walking around, a group of about ten really hot girls came up and wanted me to take a picture with them, and I was tempted. Oh, believe me, I was TEMPTED. But, the thought came to me that Jesus would not take a picture with a bunch of very attractive yet very scantily clad ladies, so I shouldnt either. So I told them no, and went along my way with my companion. That was a growing experience for me, and also a testimony to me of how clever the Devil is lol.
The coolest thing that happened this week was that Elder M. Russell Ballard came to Rome for Temple business, and he decided to call a Monday night Fireside for everyone in Rome who wanted to come, and a private devotional for all the missionaries. He spoke to the missionaries about becoming master teachers, and how we must teach to become a master teacher. He was way cool about chastising us, and did it in a really loving way because he basically told us we werent nearly as good as we needed to be, and we had to step it up. Then, for the Fireside, tons of people were coming. And believe it or not, people I know from Utah were there. They were Bert and Cindy Mitchell, and I had met them several times, and were friends of Joe. The funny thing was that we didnt recognise each other at first, and when we realised who each other was, Cindy was like "I want to give you a hug!" and before I could even think about it, or gather an effort to make a responce, she had wrapped her arms around me giving me a hug. Haha I am not sure how many rules I had broken with that one, but I am pretty sure more than one lol. Oh well... cant change things now lol. It was really good to see them though, and it was nice. Elder Ballard ended being my hero becuase he basically told all the members that it was their fault that the missionaries sucked at teaching, and that whenever we had free time they were supposed to fill it by letting us teach their familes or friends. After he got done, we had tons of members come up to us telling us to come over. I have a feeling the next few weeks will be pretty busy lol.
My favorite thing Elder Ballard said was " What do ya all think is gonna happen when we die? We are gonna go over to the spirit world and teach others about the gospel, so we might as well get good at teaching people about it now." He is the man.
I am going to see miracles here, I know it. The spirit I feel here about the work is amazing, and the work is on fire. I cant wait for this transfer.

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