First week of Transfer 3

Well, this is my first P-day in my third transfer, and things are going extremely well. I now kinda know what it means to be a senior-ish companion, because I have had to show my new companion, Anziano Christensen the ropes of Ostia. I am really happy with my new companion so far. He is the man! He came from Eden, Utah, and is hilarious.  We get along great, and I dont really thing we will ever have anything to worry about. We have alot in common. He loves to read and ski, and we have read alot of the same books. He lived in Italy for a year before his mission, and he speaks great Italian. I am looking forward to learning how to speak better Italian from him. This is going to be a incredible transfer already.
So far, this transfer has been off to a good start. We havent really been getting that many appointments, just about 1 a day, which is really low..... but we are doing all we can to start getting some new investigators and people who want to listen to our message. We broke out the area book, and we called a bunch of people, so now we have alot of old investigators that want us to come by again, and we are trying to get referals from all the members. Work will start picking up soon, it has no choice to but to haha.
Well, the first time I was stood up for an appointment happened this week. It really was not that fun. It was with this girl named Deborah, and she said she wanted to meet us at this station nearby where she lived, but when we got there, she never showed up, and hung up on us when we called. Oh well, it was gonna happen to me eventually haha, I made a good run for the money. 2 transfers, thats a good streak I think.
We met this man named Jesus, and he absolutely loves Thomas S Monson. He had been taught in the past, and he really loved the idea of a profeta on the earth today. He is from Peru, so its Heysus, haha I thought it would be weird to see someone named Gesu here lol. He wants to meet with us more, so things are picking up. Our investigator Tania is starting to pick up too. We have been meeting her more, and hopefully things get going where she realises the gospel can make her happy since she is aways depressed.
This transfer is going to be one of miracles. My districts baptism goal for the month of November is 25. That number happens to be the exact same number as the Rome Italy missions goal, for the whole mission, so if we can pull this off, it would be incredible. The Lord is certainly gonna have to help us this transfer, and I know He will because he wants this to happen more than I do, and I want this alot. Think about it, 25 more souls brought to the Lord in one month by one district. That would be a miracle.
Anyways, thank you for everything! The support I get from you is such a blessing for me.
Anziano Parry

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