I have hunger. Io ho fame.

I am still doing really well. But, however, I have realised that I am extremely out of shape, and it is sadly depressing for me. Haha but hey, at least I get to eat a ton of food. Good food too lol. I am trying my best to learn how to cook italian food. Hey, I guess I need to start using the 30min excercise time in the mornings lol.
The Italy Rome Temple groundbreaking happened last saturday! Man, it was so exciting. No, I wasnt able to go, which I was really bummed out about, but who cares!? I dont! They filmed it, and then the next day for sunday they did a huge stake thing and showed it to everyone! You might be able to find it on the internet right now if you know where to look and whatnot. I am not really allowed to do a lot of web searching lol. It was way sweet. I have probably never felt the spirit more in my life. It is an incredibly beautiful temple. It instantly became my favorite temple (big surprise there) and it is gonna stay there lol. I will email a photo next week.
I have seen a ton of miracles this week. We have gotten home really late some nights, missed alot of busses, and been forced through many different ways to not follow alot of the rules because of situations being out of out hands. Sounds like miracles, right? Because of all that happens, we met alot of people, talked to alot of people, and have tripled the amout of people who want to meet with us. We started out this transfer with four investigators, and through mine and my companions efforts we have gotten it up to at least 11, if not more. But the thing is, we havent hardly done anything, it has all been the Lord doing his work. We have Tania, Alicia and Joel, Christopher, Alessandro, Jesus, Angela, Gaiyan,  Allesandro, Tonino, Bruno, Nunzia, and some other people that I cant remember their names. I have always been bad with names lol.
I had a really interesting experience last night. I got on a train with my companion, and this really REALLY hot soccer player italian girl came and sat down across from us. I wasnt gonna talk to her cause I knew I would flirt, you know me haha, but my companion starts talking to her instead, and I get drawn into the conversation haha. Did I say she was hot? We go to get off, and she hands my companion her phone and told him to put his name in it and she will go home and add him on face book. And then, this where the story gets good, she turns to me and in really slow, simple italian she told me to add her from his friends list. I just give off a greenie smell or something lol, and now I am tired of not being able to speak well, so I have now officially given up english outside of the house. There is just something about getting talked down too by a good looking girl that I just dont like haha. But hey, I dont care about girls right now, so dont worry about me. I have locked my heart haha, but Im not dead either lol.
This week was a sweet, sweet week. I realise that I am lucky I have been keeping a good journal, because I would never remember anything otherwise. Till next time,
Anziano Parry

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