The last little while

Hmm.... well, it has been along time since I have talked about my work. Things have just been so busy with my schedule lately that I have enought time to respond slightly to emails and then have to get off the computer.
Things have been going really well in Rome, especially here in Ostia. This lady, Rachele, an african lady from Gabon (or something like that) is an investigator of the church that has been an investigating on and off for four years or so. She had been one of those eternal investigators that every missionary goes and sees, but never get anywhere with her so they end up dropping her. Well, we decided to try her again, and now because we didnt drop her when she wasnt progressing, she was baptised two weeks ago. My companion baptised her, and I confirmed her. Man, that was one of the hardest things I have ever done in my life is confirming someone. I had never blessed someone or confirmed them in Italian before, and now in one shot I got to do both. I was nervous, so the day before I decided to fast up until the baptism next day, because I needed help. And I recieved that help. I dont remember anything I said, but afterwards everyone told me it was perfect Italian. I look back now, and I was carried through it. My testimony of Fasting grew seven sizes that day.
There is this kid, named Allesandro, that is about my age. I think he is 20 or so. He speaks english very well, far better than I speak Italian, and we have been teaching him. He is very intelligent, so he just enjoys talking to us for the chance to have a fun philosophical and spiritual discussion even though he isnt spiritual himself. He is a way cool kid lol, but we just cant seem to get through to him. But hey, at least he is reading the Book of Mormon, so its gonna happen eventually.
We have this investigator named Christopher, who is a way cool Nigerian. He had bad eyesight, so we went to the office and printed off a giant Book of Mormon for him that took a good four hours, and when we gave it to him, he looked at it and realised its value. It meant alot to him, and then we went to go chill with him at his hangout with all his friends, and they all called him a "changed man of God" and then he was all talking about how they will all come with him to church someday. Man, the guy is gonna be baptised. He has a baptism date, we just had to push it back because he didnt real ready because he wasnt reading, but now thats all fixed, so its all good.
So Transfer calls came and went, and the verdict is I am staying in Ostia! Man, I was happy for that. We have alot of sweet work going on, and it will continue to go on. I do get a new companion though. His name is Anziano Christiansen, and I have actually met him a couple of times. He is way cool, and I am really excited to serve with him. This transfer was short, only 5 weeks, because President Kelly is really busy next week, so he just made this next transfer 7 weeks to make up for it. It will be sweet. Things are on fire right now, and they are gonna stay on fire. In fact, I am gonna throw some secret jake gas on it and it is just gonna explode! Its not ready for me haha!

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