Forever Myself, and No one else.

Buon Giorno a Tutti! Oggi è veramente un bellissimo giorno.

This last week has been slightly slow for us. It was a week where, for some reason, alot of my investigators went out of town. Therefore, looking back, I went slightly stir crazy because it seemed like my investigators were scrubbin' out on me! Those punks (not really, they are all incredible)! But in the end, it was ok, because I realise that the Lord was teaching me PATIENCE!! Ugh.... Patience is hard to learn lol, especially since I want patience and I want it NOW. So, since we didnt get alot of appointments with people, we were able to get a couple other "worldly" things taken care of. My companions Permesso di Soggiorno is expiring soon, so we had to go to an appointment at a CNA building here in Rome to get the renewal process started. It went well, and very quickly. It was so much better than my process down in the Napoli zone. I am still waiting for my Permesso stuff to happen, so I am slightly... shhhh *illegal* lol. No worries though.

We have been teaching this man named Osvaldo. He is a big, pure roman man. And he only speaks the dialect of Rome called Romanach. Which means I have a hard time understanding him since I dont even speak italian lol, but somehow I manage to get along. Anyways, back to the story, we had another lesson with Osvaldo about the Plan of Salvation this time, and afterwards it was like a giant party. Ya wanna know why? Ya wanna know?! Its because he wants to be baptised! By December, if not before! And whats more, he asked my companion to baptise him! Haha that will be a sight to see. Osvaldo is twice as big as my companion, size wise lol. My bet is that they both go under the water haha. Anways, back to the story again, after all that, we ate this dinner called Scampi, which is basically what it sounds like. It is a delicious crawdad ish type dish with rice and a good sauce, and it is SOO good. It was a very, very sweet night. I need to get that recipe.

On Sunday, another investigator named Christopher (he is a big, black, Nigerian African man) and afterwards we went to an African party with him. And when I say african, I mean hundreds of black people, and the only white people there were us four missionaries. And when I say party, I mean a big religious party with all those hundreds of africans yelling, singing, and crying out "Praise Jesus!" In fact, I even saw a black Arnold Schwarzenegger. He was about 6' 6 or 7" and he was wearing this redicously cool blue african robe. But his job was to always announce people, and then say, (picture Arnold and his voice/accent) "Praise Jeeesuuuusss" or "Lets put our hands together for Jeeesuuusss". It still cracks me up lol. But us missionaries were invited as special guests, and they even announced us as Men of God, even though this was a big convention thing for a different religion. It was really cool. It was also the loudest thing I have been to since the last rock concert I had gone too.

Two of the photos I attached were of this party, one of us in the party itself, and the other one of me drinking VitaMalt and eating african food. My last companion, Anziano Shaw, is the one in the very back, and my companion now, Anziano Christensen, is the one in the very front. The black man in the photo with me eating is my investigator friend, Mr. Christopher.
One of them is of me at the Fontana di Trevi, and I just want to say that it is very impressive in person. There are just tons of chinese people everywhere by it.
And lastly, it is of me infront of the coolest garage door I have ever seen. I just felt at home when I was infront of it. Sorry mom, Im hooked on my video games.

Anyways, Ciao!!

Anziano Parry

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