Just Be Awesome

This last week has been decent. Not the best week ever, (that only happens occasionaly), but not a bad week either. Basically, it was just another week of seeing miracles every day, and working really hard, and learning life lessons. I also am getting slight used to having short hair. Yesterday, I had my fourth haircut in the mission. Again, it was by Aaron, the coolest African guy from Ghana I have ever met. He takes a ton of time, but hey, he gets every single hair into its right place, and right length. It was really cool to visit him and talk about the Gospel with him because Africans are just so open about spiritual stuff. Anyways, while he us cutting me hair, he started using a little piece of straight edge razor to trim me up real nice, and he nicked me a couple times! The African nicked me! I could have died! I was scared for my life! My self defense instincts almost came out! But I managed to control myself (amazing, I know) and the haircut ended. And then, he was all like, "And now let me wash your hair" and I was all like, "Alright!" and I must stay, as strange as it is, it is extremely relaxing having someone massage your scalp while hot water is running through my curly short locks of hair. And then, something very strange started occuring. His fingers started exploring the insides of my ears! He was cleaning my ears! He was cleaning my ears.... It was a little weird! But man, it felt good, let me tell ya. Aaron gives a good haircut haha.

We, my companion and I, kinda failed in our planning this week, and it has really shown so far. We have had times, and days, where we really just didnt have anything to do, so we commenced with a flurry of phone calls trying to find fantastic friends in whom we could finangle and flurrish with. In short, we tried to get appointments with anyone and everyone we could, but to not much avail. I have always loved planning since time I experienced it, but now I truely understand the consequences of not planning well, or not finishing weekly planning. I consider this a Life/Mission Lesson Well Learned.

My investigator, Osvaldo, is doing extremely well. He is a G (which is short for Gangsta or Golden, either way you want to look at it haha). Remember how we taught him the Word of Wisdom last week? Well, we had gone back and just kinda passed over it again, and LO AND BEHOLD! The big Roman man hadnt drank in two days! He was just like its a mind over matter deal, and with the help of non-alchoholic beer, which he made me try lol, he has been alchohol free since last wednesday! He just had the Holy Spirit kinda beat him over the head over and over until he finally gave up and said "Ok! I'll stop drinking! Just leave me alone already!" haha he is incredible. He has been to church every week for the last month, and is extremely excited for his own baptism. He cant wait. He even helps teach and participate in church lessons and FHE stuff too now.

I had my first Stake Conference here in Rome, and it was SWEET! Everyone from all over the Rome area came to the Hotel Ergife, where the church had rented out a conference room so that it would be able to hold everyone. It was almost like a Zone Conference in the fact that I got to see all the missionaries in the zone, so that was really cool. At the same time as our conference, there was a Communist Convention going on the the same hotel, so like tons of people were walking around in red and camo and whatnot, it was really funny. It just made me shake my head... Italy! Have you not learned your lesson yet!? Communism is bad! But then, our russian investigator, Aleks, he decided to come to the church thing, so he came to the hotel, and he asked around for us, but since he was russian, and there was this communist thing, he felt really weird so he just went home lol. Which is a bummer, but it kinda made me chuckle haha.

Oh, on a not TRUNKY note, this friday is November 26th, 2010. In other words, its 11/26/10. In other words, it is my official SIX months in the mission. In other words, 1/4 the way done. And believe me, it is not a trunky thing at all for me. I had nightmare the other night. Actually, it was just a normal dream, not scary at all, but it was just a bad dream. I dreamt I had finished my mission, I was home, going to college, and getting ready to get married. And when I tried to remember my mission, I could only remember the first six months. I woke up, and it was a BAD dream. I dont want to mission to end. I am having way too much fun! haha I am glad I still have a year and a half. It gives me that much time to learn and to try to just be awesome.

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