Pear Bear, Use Claw Attack!!!

I live in an appartment full of animals, beasts, and Gaston. My companion is a Lemur, Anziano Cardif is a Girafstrich (Giraffe and Ostrich), Anziano Busico is Gaston is every single sense of the word, and I am the Almighty Pear Bear. FEAR ME!!! My appartment is pretty much the best one ever. Seriously. It is just awesome. In fact, our district Motto is to "Just Be Awesome", which we are doing. Last week, just for the Rome zone, we have about ten functioning companionships. So for last week, the zone had 51 lessons in the presence of a member. Just my appartment had 24 lessons in the presense of a member. My district is doing pretty awesome if I do say so my self. Not that its a competition or anything. One thing I have learned is that we are all on the same team.

But my allstar investigators this week are, namely; Osvaldo and Aleks. And My companion. He is about as cool as it gets. He is too cool for school. Literally lol. He was homeschooled, and is like a Lemur/Mogli from the Jungle book. He has these cool little shoes that are like the toe socks but shoe style. But enough about him.

We taught Osvaldo the Word of Wisdom this week, and he was all like "WHAT!! NO WAY!! NOT THIS!!! REALLY!?!? AWW MAN....well, its from God, so I guess I will... I knew I had to stop drinking eventually anyways."
Haha it was awesome.

And then we taught this guy named Aleks, and the whole time we were talking with him, he was like "I didnt want to smoke for an entire hour. I smoke like 4 times and hour, and I didnt even want to." yeah, he is gonna be baptised.

Anyways, Sorry I didnt write more, I dont have much time this week! I love you all. THanks!

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