Week of Miracles

Well, this week started off incredibly, and ended incredibly. I am not sure why I keep seeing so many miracles, it could be from a number of things, but I do know that I dont want it to stop. I bet it is because of the temple. So the temple is underway now! It is incredible. I can feel the spirit that has landed on Rome because of it. Some stats about the temple. It is going to be 40,000 sq. ft, so a medium sized temple. It will be one of four buildings on the temple grounds, with the others being a stake center, visitor center, and residency for people to stay in when they travel to go to the temple. The dedication date is in 2013, so I end up missing it by about a year or so, but thats all good! I am just happy that it started building while I was here. 

I have seen some crazy miracles this week, but perhaps that the day that the most happened on was last Thursday. We woke up, and left the house right away because we had a meeting with Jesus (pronounced like a south american) at 8:00 at the train station. We met him, and he was very happy to see us. He lost his house, so he has been sleeping in charity places and parks. We gave him a new hardback Book of Mormon since he gave his last one away, and he was way happy about it. Next time we see him, we will try and set a baptismal date with him. He is as good as dunked already, if ya know what I mean ;D 

Next, we went home and did a little studies, but we realised that we had lesson with a lady from Siri Lanka later that night, and she spoke a squiggly line language, and we had no Book of Mormons in that particular squiggly line, so we made a quick (it took 3 hours) office run, and the miracle was that they only had two Book of Mormons in the squiggly line language that we needed, and we had exactly two investigators that needed that Book in that particular squiggly line language.

We had to leave right then to head out to Ostia. I never thought I would say it, but I WANT a car right now. I know my driving is scary, but I would fit right in with the rest of the drivers here in Italy. We booked it to an english class that we volunteered to help out with, and I got to teach the Advanced class since I dont speak Italian that well yet haha. The lesson went well, and afterwards I asked everyone if they had any questions for me, and one of them named Nima asked if he could ask about my religion. I was like NO WAY, but he asked his question anyways, which was about Baptisms for the dead, so I ended up teaching about 20 people about temple work. He told me he really likes that about our religion. He better! Its the truth! And then, this Budhist lady came up and was like, "hey, I think our religions are really similar in alot of ways. we have the same beliefs I think. Lets get together and teach each other about our religions" I was all like "SURE!!! We will just go first." as I threw the Little Budha dvd over my shoulder,. I can tell you this right now, she is as good as swimming in white clothes.

Then we went from there to go teach Angelica, who is the lady from Siri Lanka that we got the Book of Mormon in a squiggly line language for. She was extremely nice, and extremely Catholic, and has an extreme love for Mary the Mother of Jesus. We gave her the Book of Mormon, which she LOVED, and then she told us she wants us to talk to her son about God sometime. She was way nice. Is she going to take a bath with a white dress on? I think yes.

By now it is about 8:00 at night now, and we had a quick meeting with a new convert name Rachele (remember her?) well, she hasnt been coming to church lately, so we went to find out why. Turns our she was offended by members about something, and that she was being a baby, or something like that... I dunno, I dont speak italian. But she went on this way long monologe, and we just sat and listened, and she finally talked herself out, and then promised that she would be in church this week. It was sweet because the spirit just kinda beat the heck outta her. (Fast forward to sunday. She ended up not coming to church again, so something is gonna need to be done to fix this.)

It was really late by the time we finished talking with her, so we went and were waiting for a train. While we were waiting, this couple came up and asked us in english if this train was going to rome. I, being dumb, tried to answer in italian, and then they said thanks and walked off. My companion then said he didnt think that they were Italian. That thought hadnt even crossed my mind, so it instantly sparked my Jake curiosity, and I had to find out where they were from. I went and asked them, and it turns out that they were far from being italian (my bad lol). They were named Jan and Alice, and they were from the Czech Republic. They spoke english really well, and we ended up talking to them for the next hour on our way home. The mother of Jan had actually heard and worked with the "Mormons" before, so he knew alot, and asked us alot of questions. Him and his girlfriend were both nondenominational christians, and because of their questions we taught a whole first lesson. We asked Alice why she was nondenominational, and she said it was because of all the corruption in all the churches. We lept on that like a fat kid on a twinkie, and started talking about Joseph Smith. After we finished that, she turned to Jan and half jokingly said "well, shall we just convert right now or when we get home?" Man she got mauled by the spirit. It messed her up big time lol. It the end, we got off the train, and we were getting ready to exchange info when their train came and they had to book it outta there to get it. We were like, Oh Well, and started walking away. Like 30 seconds later, Jan came running up, and he was like " I missed my train, so here, take my email, look me up if your ever in Prague" and then he was gone. Man, it was a sweet meeting. And then we went home.

That was my Thursday. I wish and pray with all my heart that every day could be like that. It was incredible, and all because the Lord saw fit to bless a couple of his missionaries with a sweet day. Days like this is what makes a mission worth it.

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