Christmas Week

This week had been absolutely crazy! Crazy I tell you! Crazy! Nothing ever seemed to go right, but at the same time, it went as well as it could have possibly gone ever. Man, I dont know if I have been more tired, and or more well fed in my entire mission. I saw alot of really cool miracles this last week too. It was very good to talk to the family on Christmas day too. I did feel slightly weird afterward, but I think that was just normal, considering I hadnt seen or heard anyone in the last seven months. I couldn't believe how far along Luciana looks! Thats what she gets for being such a small person, of course her belly is gonna start to grow rediculously fast. I am so happy for her, and am way excited to have a niece. ! Morgan still looks like the stud I always knew he was. I bet no one even remembers my name at school now that he is hot stuff. And I am not even jealous either! Lauren.... man.... I bet she is seriously having to beat the boys away with a stick. Maybe her next birthday/random gift should be a paintball or airsoft gun to help her keep them at bay... but that is only if she wants to hold them back haha ;D Joey lol, he still didnt even seem like he missed me that much. He is basically like another me, always playing video games all the time. He is such a cute kid. Everyone here loves to see photos of him. After seeing Gabriel, I am now convinced I will forever be his favorite Uncle lol. I mean, c'mon, him chanting my name and saying he loves me, that is pretty darn good convincing evidence of such a thing lol. Ammon is growing out his beard again, I swear it is starting to be a tradition every year to get a beard and then shave it off. It looks dang good on him though. Very professional, and always there to give me the advice on anything I need.. Mariah, man, it was good to talk to her. She always was good at playing the roll of supportive older sister for me, even when I played the roll of obnoxious younger brother. It was good to talk to Brad has always been a good guy, and talking to him again just kinda reminded me why I look up to him so much. I have said it once, and I will say it again. My older siblings married EXTREMELY well lol. Mom, just talking to her let me feel how much I am loved by her, and how much I am supported being here in Italy, and no matter what I say, I am needed in the family, if only just to make things a little crazy lol. And Dad, I just felt good being able to talk to him again, and just realise how much he really enjoy my presence, and I know that he really is proud of me and my serving a mission. It its really good to know that. I wouldnt give up that skype call for anything. It was great. Thank you all for making my Christmas incredible by getting together to talk to me. Oh, and Jerry, it was nice to meet him, even though I didnt get to see him cause the video stopped working.
This last week was full of tons and tons of member apointments. Thursay the 23rd was especially good, because we had a lunch apointment with Luigi, and he fed us a really good Broccoli pasta. Then we went and taught english class, and it was really cool. We talked about italian christmas traditions, and at the end, we finally did a spiritual thought because it was christmas time, and we gave everyone there Book of Mormons's as christmas presents, eight total. And now we have a couple of apointments with some people because they wanted to learn more. They have fallen into our trap! Muahhahaahahaahaha! They are ours now MUAHHAHAHA!!!!  And then, after that, we went and just had a meeting with our Bishop, and that went really well. He is a nice guy.
Christmas Eve, all the missionaries in Rome got invited to the Villa to have a christmas lunch, and it was incredible. There was Ham. Spiral cut, brown sugar and honey glazed ham. I dream about that ham. It was so good. My mouth is watering right now just thinking about it. And then, that night, we went and had dinner with the Padilla family, a family of south americans. They are way awesome.
Christmas morning, we all woke up, and opened presents. My companion and I bought presents for the other two elders we live with, and visa versa, so I got to open a package christmas morning that contained Goalie Gloves! YESS!!!!! Man, I cant wait to play soccer again, with some legit gloves again! It was awesome. Then, we went and watched Toy Story 3 and Invictus in the church. I already told you all about that. Then, we went to a members house for the rest of the night where we called home, ate home made ravioli, and talked with this family. It was one incredible christmas.
Sunday, I got to confirm Osvaldo a member of the church, and that was awesome! It was a huge privilage. He is totally awesome now. And then we went out to Nettuno to have another lunch apointment with a family out there. They are way nice, and then they drove us to Ostia! Wow, they sacrificed alot for us. They are an an awesome family, named Elena and Matteo Troncone.
Massimo Fresta passed his Baptism Interview! He will be baptised this next sunday! It is awesome!
This photo is of Osvaldo and Massimo. I am by Osvaldo, and My companion is by Massimo.
Wow.... I dont feel like writing anymore. I love you all, but not that much haha ;D
Pace, Anziano Parry

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