Well, I have really been seeing alot of miracles again. For some reason, I havent really figured it out yet, but I had gone through a little period for the last two weeks or so where the work had really died down. We were struggling to get lessons every day, we had decided to drop several investigators, and things had just decided to drop down in first gear and go slow. I don't think my companion and I were doing anything different than back when the work was on fire with gasoline being poured on it constantly by the Lord, but results we were seeing proved otherwise. But now, at the start of another week, things have really picked back up.

Osvaldo is still being incredible, and by this time next week he will be baptised. He has actually been going through a very rough time in his life again, but the coolest part is that he isnt taking it out on the Lord. He realised that this dificulty is coming from the Adversary, and he wants to see us every day leading up to his baptism on Sunday. He had a piercing in his ear, (piercings now make me think of Mistborn), and he finally took it out for good, and man, he looks so good without it. He is way cool.

In addition to Osvaldo, we are now meeting a man named Massimo, who is the son and brother of a couple members here in Ostia. And he is ON FIRE!!! He is so ready. We met with him, and he told us about alot of spiritual experiences he had, and now he wants to change. He is keeping the commandments, and he gave me his pack of cigarettes and said he wont smoke again. And he said he had to be baptised BEFORE christmas! How cool is that? The spirit is really just whooping this man's trash all the time! But unfortunately, he wouldnt have been able to come to church enough times before then, so we talked to him about it, and now he decided he wants to be baptised on January 1st (Happy birthday Brad) so he can start a new year with a new life. He is so funny. He is so on fire about being baptised that he is calling the inactive members to repentance. He told a inactive member named Armando that he could baptise him if he could get worthy enough by January. Then, last night, we were walking with Massimo, and he looks up at Armando's apartment and says "hmm the lights are off.... I wonder what Armando is doing...." and then he yells "PENTITI ARMANDO! PENTITI! (Repent Armando, Repent!)" Haha it was really REALLY funny.

I get to play soccer again today, with the same team I played a couple weeks ago, and I am WAY excited. The only thing I can say in objection is that it is COLD COLD HUMID COLD here, and it sucks sucks sucks. It hasnt even hit freezing yet, but the dumb water in the air causes it to strike like a Ninja, and ya dont even know what hit you. I am quite immune though, so no worries. Apparently growing up in the Uintah Basin was good for something :D

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