Italy in December

Well, as far as the work is going, it has slowed down slightly, but the only thing that means is that it will get going twice as fast as it was before. We decided to drop alot of our investigators because either we hadnt been able to get ahold of them in a long time, or they just werent making any progress for awhile either. I still dont know how I feel about dropping people, but hey, all it does is give us the opportunity for God to give us some more people to teach.
Since my companion and I have been looking for a house in Ostia, I have been able to really start to understand what it costs to live in Italy. The appartments we have been looking at have been 800 Euros a month, and they are pretty small. My companion and I figure that one missionary companionship could live in them comfortably, and two could live in them, but it would be tight. I think that they are 60ish sqr. meters, and what not, so yeah. I figure, if you were to try and live in Italy, it would probably at minimum about 1000 Euros a month, depending on where you wanted to live.
Italians love American Brownies. They adore them, love them, almost worship them like Mary, and eat them whenever they can. Italians may have food in general down to a perfection, but America has the best sweets in the world I think. Definately, we have the best breakfast cereal. We have had a couple dinner appointments with our investigator, Osvaldo, and every time they ask us to make brownies and bring them with, and its hilarious to see them eat it. Osvaldo looks like Uncle Fester from the Adams Family, especially when he eats brownies, wide eyes and everything.
Osvaldo is still progressing beyond belief. He is doing incredibly. He stopped drinking over night, hasnt had problem with any of the things we have taught him, and is more excited than ever to be baptised. The Big Day is December 19th, so I cant wait.
Last saturday, we played soccer against a city league soccer team here. We met this guy on the metro a couple weeks ago who played soccer, and we have been trying to get a game with him, and it finally happened. We show up, and he has his team there all in matching jerseys and everything, and we were all like, "Oh no they didnt. Theys frontin' on our territory" and we decided right then to mess them up. I havent had so much fun playing Keeper in a long time. Apparently, I still got the touch, because all the Italians were all like "man! This gangsta is riskin' his life" and then their team captain came and told me after the game that I am very good, and ask how come I dont play with gloves, or have cleats or anything. I told him I left it all in america, so I guess I need to maybe buy me some stuff here. Then I was universally elected goalie from now by my team whenever we have a legit game like that again. I guess I still got skill if Italians think I got game lol.
Anyways, Till next week, Ciao!

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