Thanksgiving? What Thanksgiving?

BuonGiorno a Tutti!
Well, ya know how in Brasil, they used to have tons and tons of slaves? And ya know how because all the slaves had their hands tied all the time, so they started "dancing" to teach themselves how to fight? What was that fighting style called again? Hmmm.... Oh yeah! Capoeira! I am basically a master (kinda) at it now. At least the flexibility part anyways lol. There was a Brasiliana named Heloiza baptised this last week by the Elders I share an apartment with, and she is literally a Master at Capoeira. And now, we all do Capoeira in the mornings sometimes since she is trying to get her license to teach it here, so she teaches the missionaries in it. It is alot of fun. I pretty much get my trash kicked by her all the time. It kinda sucks getting slaughtered by a girl, but hey, not much I can do about it.
Last week, for P-day, my companion went up into the Cupola in the Basilica di St. Pietro. It is the very top of the Basilica in the Vatican, and you can see pretty much all of Rome from it. It was definately worth the five Euros it cost to go up to the top. But seeing the Cupola was not the coolest part of the visit to the Vatican. That medal goes to meeting Julie B. Beck, the General Relief Society President inside the Basilica. She was just passing through, kinda on vacation, so she wanted to see the Vatican, and Lo and Behold, I happened to be there at just the right time. Her husband served as the Branch President of Rome 40 years ago when there were only 5 members in the Rome zone, and now there are thousands. Meeting her, I could tell that she is a VERY strong woman. And what I mean by that is if she said something like, "Elder Parry, you need to eat more food", I would probably go right to Pizzeria and order me a nice big pizza for fear of having her displeasure turned upon me, even if I had just eaten. Hmmm... Maybe that is a bad analogy, because I eat pretty much 24/7 anyways, even if I did just eat. Oh well, you get my drift.
Last night, on the way home, I was in Termini waiting for a Metro. There was this really old, short, midget lady walking around, so I said "Buona Sera", and then all of a sudden, she changes directions completely, comes and stands right next to me, stares UP (yeah, she had to look up) at my name tag, and asks in the most adorable old lady voice "chi siete voi?" When people ask us who we are, they might as well just start climbing into the baptismal font right then because, man, my companion and I sure let her have it. The spirit was just doing jab after jab after jab, with the occasion right hook into her tiny little face until finally she was happy to take a Book of Mormon, commit to read it, and awaits our call for a return appointment. Unfortunately, she is not in my area, so she is gonna be a sweet referal for the Rome 3 Anziani.
On saturday, Transfer Calls came. It is never certain, but I have only been in Ostia for two transfers, so it would have been very easy for my to stay in Ostia, and also it wouldnt have been strange if I were to be transfered. So... the big verdict is.... I am... staying in Ostia! And my companion, Anziano Christensen, is staying here too, so we have another transfer together. He is my first companion that I will have had for at least two transfers. Lucky for him, I kinda enjoy his company, so at least I dont have to make his life miserable like unto myself lol. Christmas time is in this next transfer, so it will be my first major holiday in the mission. Thanksgiving was lame. I wanted to make a pumpkin pie, but I couldnt find a pumpkin, but I did find a can of pumpkin pie filling. The catch, it was 4.50 Euros. REDICULOUS I TELL YOU! PLAIN REDICULOUS! So I didnt buy it and ended up having an turkey in my imagination. It probably would have tasted better in my mind anyways.

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