2011 Anyone?

First off, I just want to tell you that objects really do make people happy lol. No matter what anyone says, they bring a sense of contentment and joy, especially in knowing that my family is TOTALLY AWESOME BEYOND BELIEF!! So yes, I ended up getting a couple of christmas packages in the mail:D if any of you were wondering. I had made an office run because I called and they had said I had a couple of packages, so I figured it was completely worth going to the office. I got there, and did a bunch of stuff to get ready for this weekend, and then I gathered up my packages, and opened them right then and there! When I got to the IPOD, I was completely shocked at the one you all got me! I didnt need something that big! But hey, Im not complaining! I started looking through all the music and everything, and I was naming off all of the sweet music that was one there, and all the Senior Missionaries were all like "hey, you better keep that on the down low" and stuff. They thought I was naming off movies! Haha I quickly explained that it was all soundtracks, and then they were all good lol. Funny old people. Then I shared some of the goodies that I got, and that made everyone all happy.

We finally got a new house much closer to our area! YES! We will be moving in this saturday, and that will be that. Man, it is so nice to finally think that we wont have to travel to get to our area. The only thing is that this saturday is the day that we will be getting our Transfer Calls, so I might only get to enjoy the house for about 5 days and then get shipped off to Sicily or something. I have been in Ostia for three now, so I could leave really easily.

Hey, I just remembered! Happy Birthday to Brad and to Ammon! I swear, this was a miracle that I even remembered your birthdays. I am terrible with stuff like this, so consider yourselves lucky:D here is a song for you " Tanti Auguri a Voi, Tanti Auguri a Voi, Tanti Auguri a Ammon and Brad, Tanti Auguri a Voi" haha I hope that you all did something cool, or at least had a nice birthday.

New Years was INSANE here in Rome. We stayed up playing monopoly yelling at each other till midnight, and then, the fireworks started going off. It was like a war. Remember the scene in War of the Worlds, when Robbie was running up the hill because he wanted to go help fight, and there were all the explosions and stuff going off? Thats how Rome was. It was so SWEET!! We made another lasagna the next day for the First, and this one weighed 7 kilos. It was rediculous, and then we played Risk for forever because we had to say inside all day that day.

Massimo Fresta was baptised this last week, and he chose me to be the one to baptise him. He is a total G. We saw a huge miracle with his baptism, because usually we have all the missionaries there who do a musical number with us. But, sunday, none of them could make it, so Anziano Christensen and I had no idea what to do. Then, in walks a man from america who is going to be in Rome for a month because he sings opera and his show was going to be there for awhile, and he asked us if we wanted him to do anything since he was more than willing to help. Thank you Lord for sending us a Opera singer Member! So we ended up have him sing and incredible song, and everyone loved it. It was awesome.

Thanks everyone so much for all the support you give me, and the love I get from everyone. Tell Neola 2nd thank you for the Package! It was awesome!

Needless to say, this last week was a totally unforgettable week, and an incredible way to start off 2011.

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