Compliance... Who Needs It?

Heya Everybody!
Well, I almost don't know where to start, and then I remember what I was going to tell you about, so be prepared for a story.
Here it goes...
Last week, on Thursday night, my companion realised that he missed his appointment at the Questura. The Questura is the Italian Office of Immigration, and we have to go there to get our permission to stay here for two years. Anyways, we missed his appointment, so friday morning we left the house at 8:30 so we could go to the Questura. It turns out that this particular Questura is on the complete OPPOSITE side of Rome, and the map we bought to get us there was wrong (literally, they had mislabel some train stops), so instead of getting there at about 10:00, we arrived at about 11:30. Then, we wait in the information line, and when we finally get to the window, the lady tells us to just come back Monday, and they will let us in at the same time as everyone else. So we were all like, "Sweet!" because, ya know, we didnt know what was in store for us. So, Monday morning, we left the house at 7:45 this time so we could get there earlier, and just as we arrived at the Questura, my companion realised that he had forgotten all of the paperwork he needed at the house, so we were all like "Bummer...." so we just messed up that morning. We quickly had a huddle, and we decided we would have to come back Tuesday too in order to get it done. So then, Tuesday morning, we leave the house at 7:00, at we get there at the Questura at about 8:30, and we are thinking right now "Yes! Right on time!" because it opens at 8:30. We get in, and we talk to the guard that was supposed to be human, (I think he was like a tree trunk with limbs and a head stickin' out) and he looks at our paper and then tells us that we have to come back at 1:30 because that is when our appointment was. Dang.... So we left, and I went got my hair lined up again by the most LEGIT black african haircutter ever. While we were there getting my hair cut, one of his fellow haircutters, named Vivian, started asking us all sorts of questions, and basically told us flat out that she wants to investigate. And then, even better (not really), she gets a phone call from Africa saying that her brother is deathly ill, so we are gonna be all over that like a fat kid eating a cupcake this Friday when we go to her house. Anyways, we leave from there with a phone number and a sweet black man haircut, and head to the Questura again. We get there right at 1:30, and things were all perfect, untill we realised that there were still calling out appointments from 11:30.... Oh well, we had to wait. Hour by hour crawled by... by the time they finally called out 1:30, it was 5:40, and we had to call a dinner appointment we had at 6:00 and move it to 7:00. When we finally made it inside the building, we had to wait even longer! By the time we finally made it to a desk to work out this mess, the Worker helping us out was not in a good mood. He just starts looking at all the papers and stuff, and it is going fine, untill he sees the photos that my companion had in the packet. They were funny, comical photos of my companions face with him smiling really funny (I personally thought that they were awesome photos) but the man didnt think so. He started muttering things like "unbelievable....The nerve... Non va bene..." things like that, and then when he finally noticed that today was not the day of the real appointment, he had had enough. He, in the end, made is a new appointment for February 21 to come back and do everything all over again because, according to him, since it wasnt on the day of the original appointment, the papers couldnt be processed. I think he was just being grouchy. Oh well, thats just 8 hours of doing almost absolutely nothing on a Tuesday. Oh! And by the time we had finally made it to the dinner appointment we had, it was 7.30. I felt more bad about having to push back the dinner appointment and hour and a half than having wasted a day waiting at the Questura. Oh well.
Haha, so that is Italian Government for you! That is how it is, so compliance is neccessary I guess. Its not like I am in any better shape. My Permesso stuff all got lost down in Napoli, so I dont even know if I will ever even get the two year permission lol. Oh well, I can live with it. I only want it because they give you a sweet card for it anyways lol.
Anyways, I hope you all have an awesome time this week! I know I have haha!
Love, Jake

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