I totally believe it is colder in the Uintah Basin than in Alaska right now. It happened a couple years ago too. It is always fun to tell italians how cold it gets at my house cause it blows their minds. We havent had any more snow here in Rome since that one time a couple weeks ago, so I cant sympathize with you too much haha:D.

So on Saturday, we got our transfer calls, and it turns out that both Anziano Christensen and I are leaving Ostia.... NOT! haha President Kelly didnt have the heart, I guess, to get rid of us right after we did all the work to get the place. If you want, you can look it up on google maps to see where I now live. Go to google maps, search Centro Giano in Italy, Via Verzino 108, 00126 and it is right there. Cool huh? Anziano Marcucci says it is probably the nicest missionary appartment I will live in for awhile after this lol.

I havent really done too much actual missionary work lately. It has all just been doing stuff to get this new appartment up and running, so there is nothing much to report on the work front.

THanks for everything!


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