Greek Gods? Yeah Right...

Well, today is a day that makes you wish the greek god of the weather really existed just so you could beat the crap out of him lol. Seriously...
It has been absolutely sunny and nice for the last week or so, if not more, but on P-day, MY P-day, the day where we had planned to go see Ostia Antica or bust, it rains. And it not only rains, but it rains like it only could on the only day we could go see Ostia Antica. Stupid weather....
This last week has gone by way fast. I find out transfers this Saturday, in case any of you have been wondering.
So I my tie caught fire the other night while I was wearing it. It was awesome! In fact, it kinda caught fire because I was holding the lighter under it. And it was kinda on purpose too. I decided that every six months I am in the mission, I am going to burn something. The 6 month mark was a tie, but I am 9 months in, so I had to not waste any more time and burn one as soon as possible.
My companion forgot the keys on the kitchen table lol, so we had to break into our house. We are lucky I had left my bathroom window open this morning, otherwise we would have not been happy campers lol, especially because it was cold beyond belief that night!
Did you know Mormon made mistakes while he was abridging the BofM? Haha he had to correct himself all over the place, check out Alma 24:19. It looks like he corrected himself haha.
Almost all of our investigators this week have been sick, so we havent been able to meet with almost any of them. That is random acts of Satan for you. Like for example, Aleks. We had an appointment with him last night, but when we called him he was like "oh, I am in Milan right now on my way to Germany. Sorry I didnt call you!" Haha oh well, ya just gotta move on I suppose lol.
Anyways, I love you guys, sorry this weeks letter was kinda short!
Anziano Parry

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