Israel, America's best friend?

Heya Everybody!
So guess what... This morning as we were leaving the appartment to come write emails, we ran into this really nice old lady that we always see walking around. She is a nice old lady, and seems to know everyone because we always see her with someone different. Anyways, this morning was just like every other time we had seen her. There she was, standing there, talking with a couple of other old ladies, wearing the same black and white jacket, and just being nice. We said "Buon Giorno!" And they all yelled back a responce, and then we went over and started talking to them. This nice old lady then turns to the other nice old ladies and says "Questi ragazzi sono bravi (these are good kids)" and we got an echo of agreeances from the group of ancient ones. Then, (this is where the story gets good) this old lady looks at us, and just starts telling us that she has just kinda been in a fog all morning, and that she didnt remember if we knew each other and whatnot, and that she "non potevo tirarmi su". I understood that she couldnt remember how to make a Tiramisu, which is a famous italian desert and I though oh.. how sad..., but my companion later told me she was saying she just couldnt pull herself up out of bed this morning lol. Man, I crack myself up haha. It wasnt a big misunderstanding, but man, I love it haha. Happens all the time lol.
Last Thursday we had Zone Conference, which was incredible. We set a new goal as a mission for how many baptisms we want in the Year of 2011, so in order to reach it everyone is really going to have to start growing their faith in order to get it done, because if we dont we will never be able to reach it. It wont be bad though. If we want to reach it, only half of the companionships in the mission need to have a baptism every month, so it shouldnt be to difficult. I mean, Ostia is doing it, why cant everyone else, right? =D
Saturday night, we went to go get my companion's hair cut, and so we made a stop by Aaron, our sweet african hair cutter. Just as we were finishing, in walks this african family, two boys and their dad, and they wanted their hair cut. We decided to stay and talk for awhile, and we started talking to the 16 year old son named Simon. He speaks perfect teenage english, and perfect italian, and he just had a blast talking to us. He started asking us all sorts of questions, and by the end, he was all like "wow... this stuff makes so much sense... how come you never go to anyone else's churches to teach this stuff?" and he just kept going on and on like that haha. By the time he had left, he had promised to come play soccer with us, especially since he play against me since he heard I was a goalie, and then come to church with us the next day, and that he wants to serve a mission like us and everything. He is SO TIGHT! We are giving him a call today to see how he is doing. That same morning, we met another african man named Sam, and he is the main accountant for the Zambian embassy here in Rome. He invited us over to his house this next sunday, and he wants us to meet his family and share our message with them. I cant wait to see how it goes.
A couple days ago, we were in the metro on the way to a FHE in Ostia, and we started talking with this lady from Israel. She was way nice and everything, and spoke english pretty well and everything, and we were just kind of conversing. She then asked us "Hey, ya know, if you want to, it would be alot of fun for me and my friends, and you and your friends to get together and hang out sometime. If you want. What do you thing?" Anziano Christensen and I just kinda share looks at each other, and this lady must have thought they were doubtful glances or something, because she holds up her finger and says "Look, you dont have to worry, I am already married. But my friends arent. Come on, it would be alot of fun. But only if you want to." Haha right then we realised she was working on setting us up with her Israeli friends lol, so we, as politely as we could, said we couldnt, but thanks anyways lol. We got off the metro, said goodbye, and then had a good laugh about it afterwards lol.
Anyways, Things are going awesome for me. Great news! I have started needing to shave every day! Jakey Wakey is growing up! Haha love ya guys!
Anziano Parry
P.S. I look BALLIN' in a good long coat. I didnt buy it, dont worry haha.

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