Lost In Africa... Almost.

Well, hello there everybody!

I guess the big question on everyone's mind is whether I was transfered or not, am I right? Yes, I know I am right, I am always right lol.

So after spending 4 transfers, almost 6 months, 24 weeks, in Ostia, I have been transfered. I am leaving my beloved little port town of Ostia, and my awesome companion Anziano Christensen, and I am being shipped off to...... Trapani! In Sicily! In fact, it is the farthest city that I could have possibly gone to. Make sure you all Google it! And here is a fun little fact for you. Trapani is the city closest to Africa that I could go to. Only it is only a couple hundred kilometers away. Wild, huh? Anziano Christensen is getting to stay in Ostia, the lucky dog, and his new companion is an even luckier dog, Anziano Russell. He was in the MTC at the same time as me, so that is really cool. My new companion is Anziano Nelson. He is in his 2nd transfer, so I am now going to be a senior companion, and a follow-up trainer in my 6th transfer. I am way excited for this, but really nervous at the same time.

Last friday was really awesome. We went and saw Luigi, this old less active guy today and had lunch with him, and it was just a nice time. We just sat and talked, and then finally, I said goodbye because I knew I was probably getting transfered, and he was way sad. It hit him pretty hard. I had been seeing him once a week to eat lunch with him for the last 4 months, and he grew attached to Anziano Christensen and I. But later that night is when things started getting crazy. We were supposed to go to Fulvia's house, but her and Massimo had a fight, and it was bad. They kinda severed all ties besides having a kid together. We couldnt go to her house anymore, so we met with her on a bench instead. It was a little crazy, but the spirit was there, and she felt it.

Things have been really interesting in Ostia too. We recieved transfer calls saturday night, and then we went to a ward party where I started telling people that I had been transfered, but like nobody believed me! Haha so the next day in church I was able to get up and tell the whole ward what had happened with transfers. They had to believe me then :D although alot of people did take it slightly hard. The man I baptised, Massimo, started crying, but that was the worst reaction lol. Most everyone just told me I would be missed.

Then, last night, I went and said goodbye to Fulvia and Massimo, and it went alot better than I thought it would. Fulvia was freaking out the whole time because I was leaving, but it was all good. We had an incredible lesson with her, and she promised that she would be baptised when she got her answers to her questions. She had recieved one answer. She prayed about Joseph Smith, and she opened the Book of Mormon randomly right to 2 Nephi 32, where it talks about praying. It had blasted her, so she knew what she had to do. It was AWESOME! She gave me something to remember her by. A book of Fables in Old Italian, and little golden charm shaped into a "P".  As we were leaving, she started crying, but then she calmed down, and made me promise to come visit her again. Man, it blows my mind how people get so attached to missionaries. It was an awesome night.

Then, we went and said goodbye to our other progressing investigator Luciano. He was way cool about it, and he just wished me luck. He whipped out his book of mormon, and started talking all about the plan of salvation. He was talking about how ever since he was 17 years old, he just felt that there was something after this life, that death was not the end, and that he always argued with people that said other wise. And then he says, he always thought that that was how it was, and then 30 years later we come along and tell him he was right all along, and we give him proof too! He was getting pretty passionate about it. We asked his brother Fabbio what he thought about all of this, and he said he was almost marveling because his brother was talking this way. It was really cool. Luciano has told us too that when he knows that everything is true he will be baptised as well.
So in the end, I can say I have seen a million miracles in Ostia. I was able to see two men change their lives and be baptised, and I am leaving Ostia behind with two more people that I am dead certain will be baptised soon. But for now, my work in Ostia is done. I feel I did well, a good job. I am content. the only thing I can say now is Goodbye Ostia, HELLO TRAPANI!!

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