Needles and Spears

Buon Giorno a Tutti!
Italy sends its greetings to the world of ice (I.E. America), and also sends a giant red italian heart over the atlantic sea, so hopefully it will be there just in time for Valentine's day. People tell me that it is one of the worst days in the mission for a missionary, but I say HA! Sucks for you! If you're single (which I happen to be) it is just like any other day and has no effect on me. What now! Haha we shall have to see. Maybe for breakfast I will make red-colored, heart shaped pancakes.
Last friday I donated blood for the first time in Italy! At first, I was pretty skeptical. I thought for sure I was gonna lose my arm to infection, become pale from extreme loss of blood, and maybe die from fright of a European hospital. But instead, it wasnt that bad lol. This blood drive was hosted in a... I would say pre-school... and it was for a childrens hospital named Bambin Gesù. We arrive, and I was pleasently surprised at how well it was organised and what not. They even had conned the little kiddies into wandering around saying "To donate blood is to donate life" and things like that lol. It was hilarious. It let me know how awesome americans are when we got to the desk where we had to answer all the questions. They were like, hang on! You are foreigners! We have to ask and see if you can donate the first time, or just get tests done. We were all like, ok sounds good, and then we waited for about five minutes. The lady came back, and said "se volete donare, potete:D" (If you want to donate, please go right ahead) haha. Being american is awesome. Then, when I sat down in the chair, the doctor came up, and he disinfected my arm, and then! without holding the vein or anything, he just takes this spear and rams it into my arm where my vein looks to be. Man, italian doctors....(head shake) but in the end, I only had to wear a sling for a few days (just kidding) and everything was all good. But this experience was incredible not because I gave blood, but because we gave out Book of Mormons and Pamphlets there! It was so cool! Everyone was curious about who we were, and it was even better because a member of our ward works there as a teacher so she helped out alot. And then, we were invited back to help teach english to the little kids, which we did this morning before coming and emailing. It was really cool. It is great how really simple acts of service, such as donating blood, really opens so many windows and cracks the doors.
Then, the next day, we played soccer with our investigator Mr. Christopher the Nigerian! He is such a jolly man. He sat and laughed the whole time, and anytime the ball got anywhere near the net he would shake like a bowl full of jelly. He loves the missionaries, and loves soccer, so it is a great combination because, hey, so do I! I didnt feel giving blood either, but then again, I never have before so it was no big deal. I hope we can get him progressing again. He just loves the missionaries more than the message that we bring.
Well, I hope that everyone is doing well, so Ciao!
Arrivederci, Anziano Parry

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