Dreams of Deportation

I have a wonderful story to tell all of you. A story of my adventures during the last couple of days. It all began Monday Morning....
March 7. Monday. 9:13 a.m.
I had woken up, just like any other day in the mission. I showered, at some things, and got ready for the day. By the time I was dressed, it was time to start my studies. I sat down, and I had an incredible study. I finished the second to last chapter in Jesus the Christ, and things went very spiritually. Then, 9:00 rolled around, so we started companion study. We started, sang a song, and had started talking about we had studied that day. Halfway through my explaination of what I read, the phone started going off. I looked down, and saw that it was the Mission Office calling. I answer the phone, and wonderful Sister Burt in on the other end of the line. She said "Anziano Parry! I have a question for you! It is very important! Did you ever recieve a letter from the Questura in Napoli?". I said no, and she immediately set me on a quest to call everywhere I had ever served to try and see if this letter was there. I called around, and this letter of mine was no where to be found. I called Sister Burt back, and she tells me that I HAVE to immediately called Sister Noda, in Milano. I was like, Okay. I give Sister Noda a call, and she tells me that "Anziano Parry! It is very important that that letter be found!" I asked her why, and she says "Remember back when you were having Permesso problems back in Napoli? Well, I just read on their website that if you dont respond to this letter that they sent you, they are going to make you leave Italy." . She then tells me that she has to call my mission president to decide what needs to happen, and that she would be in touch. Well, alright then.
That night, I had just arrived in Palermo after a two hour busride at about 9:38 because tomorrow we have a Zone Conference in Catania, so we were spending the night in Palermo. As I was walking up the the Palermo Elder's appartment, the Assistents to the President call me and tell me to pack my bags for two to three days, to grab every kind of official document that I have, and to bring it with me because I was flying to Rome the next day after the Zone Conference. I tell them that I had already left Trapani, and I didnt have anything with me. The only thing they told me was to go back and get it. I end up getting the other Anziani of Palermo to come with me because we had to borrow a Senior couples car, and I wasnt approved to drive. ROAD TRIP! NO SLEEP TILL TRAPANI!! The four of us; Me, Anziano Nelson, Roe, and McDaniels all arrive in Trapani at about midnight, and by the time I found everything I needed it was 1:00 a.m. by the time I got to into bed. You can imagine it was a sleepless night.
We all woke up, loaded into the car, and had left Trapani by 5:00 a.m. We all drove back to Palermo, where then, I took another bus for another 2 hours to get me to Catania. We had this great Zone conference, and then, at the end, at about 4:30 p.m., me and my companion loaded up into a car with President and Sister Kelly and the Assistents, and we all flew to Rome together. I was informed that the next day, I would be traveling to Napoli with the Assistent Anziano Sapio, a native Italian from Napoli, and we would be getting everything all sorted out. I then spent the night in the assistents appartment. I again didnt sleep well at all Tuesday night, because still I was thinking that I was going to get kicked out of Italy.
Wednesday morning, after a long night, I wake up, and get ready to catch a Train down to Napoli. Anziano Sapio and I get dropped off at Termini in Rome, and we buy tickets for the fastest, yet most expensive train to Napoli because time was not on our side. After an hour and ten minutes, we arrived in Napoli at about 10:10 a.m., which would have normally taken us 3 hours to arrive. We walked immediately to the Questura there, and we were told that we had to go to Salerno because it was closer to my first city, and that Napoli had washed their hands of the situation, and that they would no longer do anything for us. We had to then go to Salerno,
In Salerno, we went directly (almost. It had closed for lunch.) to the Questura in Salerno. At 2:00 pm, we get into the office and we start showing people my papers, and trying to get this whole situation resolved. We were told to wait while all of the officials took my papers and then went into a room to debate my case. They came back out, and called me in, and then they started taking my fingerprints. And then, finally, they led my into another room, where they took my finger prints again, and then my description. And then, finally, they said I was done. That everything was taken care of, and that in about two months I could come back to pick up my Permesso di Soggiorno. I could stay in Italy. I WASNT BEING DEPORTED!! I then, as we were walking next to the ocean in Salerno, called everyone to let them know how it turned out. Everyone was very happy, and in about 5 minutes all of the leadership found out and then President Kelly gave me a call to congratulate me. As we tried to make it back to Rome, we realised that we were completely out of money. We managed to buy tickets to Rome, and we literally only had pocket change left. Everything worked out completely perfectly, down to the very last cent.
After I arrived to Rome, I found out how big of a situation I really was in because President Kelly told me that Milan had to send a missionary home because of the exact same Permesso problems, and that Sorella Noda, the lady in charge of helping missionaries get their permesso's to stay in Italy, thought that they were going to lose me, and that President and Sister Kelly were very worried that I would be gone. Man, I dont think I have ever seen the Lord's hand more in my mission that in these last few days. Because between all of the help that everyone gave me, and God, I got to stay in Italy. The Lord must have a reason for me to be here.

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