Life Is Good

Well everybody, here I am, sitting in a internet point in some obscure city in Sicily, chewing on an Italian candy called a Cherry X-plosion, italian music playing faintly in the background, and two old italian men yelling at each other in dialect, and I just want to say Life Is Good.
Wanna know something really cool that happened to me this last week? In fact it happened yesterday. I went to have a quick passby lesson with a member here in Trapani. We passed by this lady named Sorella Di Nicola, and we go in to share our thought. Before we get into it, we were just sitting and talking to her, and she tells me that she had seen me before, back in Provo. I was like, what?! How did that happen? Why dont I remember? So she sits there, and explains it to me, and as she is doing so, the memories come flashing back into my head. Back when I was in the MTC, every monday we would go to the TRC, where we would practice teaching a lesson, the first four weeks in english, the second 4 in italian. Anyways, Sorella Di Nicola was in Provo while I was in the MTC visiting her daughter, and they decided to come volunteer in the TRC every monday for the Italian speakers. It turns out I had seen both her and her daughter ( I remember now) and had probably taught (well, tried to teach) them both in Italian. Man, what a small world it is, huh?
I will tell you that I probably will never ever be able to travel again in the conventional way after last week. After flying and taking trains faster than superman (yes, they really do exist) I will readily admit that I have been spoiled. Probably permanently. But hey, what can you do? Nothin' :D
I was very shocked to hear about Japan, and what is going on there. First a Tsunami, and then a Nuclear Meltdown. Whats next, a volcano? Maybe getting attacked by a sea monster (who knows, anything could happen by now). I am just very comforted to know that all the Missionaries there are safe and accounted for. It just goes to show that the Lord takes care of you if you are in his service, which is something I have a very strong testimony of.
We have been teaching this man named Enzo, and he is really cool. He is pretty dang prepared in the sense that he has always kinda believed everything we are teaching him, but not in the fact that he thinks that he doesnt need to change anything anymore since he is already there. I have alot of fun in the lessons with him lol.
As you can tell, I am still enjoying life in Italy immensly. Besides, with the food here, who couldnt enjoy life?

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