Long Live America!

Well, I heard a really interesting thing the other day. America has gone to war! And thats all I know. We were at a lunch appointment after church on Sunday when I heard the news, and the members here were all talking about the Second Coming and everything lol. It was a really fun day. But when we got home after the appointment, my companion and I broke into song, singing "The Spangled Banner", and professing how proud we were to be americans. Well, at least I did, my companion just kinda made fun of me the whole time lol.
This last week has gone by really fast for me. It feels really weird to me, because the days here seemed to drag on and on and on and on and.... well, you get the picture. This is a classic case of Short Week/Long Day syndrome, and I really do not believe there is a cure. One reason the days seems so long is because we spent ALOT of time doing Finding work. Which really isnt that bad, but it just makes the day drag on because all we do is walk from members house to members house trying to talk to people and knocking the occasion building along the way.
An update with our investigator Enzo. A little bad news.... We had a lesson with him saturday night that I thought went really well. He has been really hung up on getting his answer, and he thinks that it needs to come in an incredible way. He said even if he is 100% certain of our church, without that answer he isnt gonna do anything. So we were like, alright. One thing we know helps people to recieve their answer is to set a date to be baptised, just as like a goal, because doing so gives a focus and a direction for people, and lets their needed answers come easier. We set a date with him for April 9th, and we made sure to tell him that if he wasnt ready, then not to worry because he wouldnt be baptised. I thought it had gone well. But then, monday morning, our Branch President gave us a call saying Enzo called him saying that he was feeling pushed, pressured into being baptised. Man... that really hurt. I never wanted anyone to feel like we were trying to pressure them into something. So now, we get to do a little damage control. It will be good lol, I'm not too worried.
Monday was day #300 for me. Wild, huh? Not that I'm counting, cause I'm not, but that gives 437 days left, give or take a few days lol. Weird....
Anyways, I love you guys! I appreciate anything and everything you do for me! You are all awesome. Punto. Basta. Non c'รจ qualcos'altra. Io veramente sento la forza che ricevo da le vostre preghiere. E vi sono molto, molto grato.
Vi voglio bene!

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