Summer, anyone?

Well, here we are, another week, another Preparation Day, another time for wonderful sweet email.
It is finally to the point where I am sick of wearing jackets! It is rediculously warm here now, and since we have bikes here in Trapani I end up working up quite the sweat. But since General Conference is this weekend, it signifies the death of the jacket, will be an event of much rejoicing and riotous living (not really, we may order a pizza). After all, The Book of Mormon plainly tells us to "Eat, Drink, and Be Merry, For Tomorrow We Die." Am I right, am I right? Haha no, I'm not right. I was just practicing something called taking things out of context, which is a practice I am finding is widely used among most religions here haha. And why not? I am in a tourist town, so I might as well have fun, right? Just kidding! I will be a good boy, no worries.
Well, since last saturday, I am very proud to say that we have recieved 7 new investigators. Which is something awesome, especially because 4 of those 7 have very serious potential. And their names are Roberta, Vito, Mellissa, and Federica. The other three are Valentina, Giuseppe, and Giuseppe's wife lol. The special thing about the first 4 though, is that they are a family. They have 2 other kids that we havent met with, but we will eventually. Anyways, this family is golden. The mom, Roberta, has been searching for which church is true, and when we first met her, she basically told us her version of the Joseph Smith story, except minus Joseph Smith and any kind of vision. She just wants to find the truth. The dad, Vito, is awesome, and he wants to quit smoking. None of them believe is Saints, or the Pope, and they absolutely loved the First Vision. We have an appointment with this family tonight, and you cant believe how excited I am for it.  Sunday night, when we had our first lesson with them, things werent going very well according to plan. When we had arrived at their house, they told us that we couldnt do it because something had come up. We were way bummed, but then the Lord decided to toss us a bone and he changed their minds. They let us come up, and we had the most incredible lesson. It was great.
Our investigator with a baptisimal date, Enzo, is still doing good. He still loves meeting us and everything. It turns out that what happened last week was that we had a member who he didnt know very well in the lesson with us and he didnt feel very comfortable. Things are back to normal, and going well.
I can hardly believe that I have been in Trapani for almost 6 weeks now. We get Transfer calls this Saturday, but I am pretty sure that Anziano Nelson and I are staying together again for another one. This is only his second transfer here, and this is my first, so I dont think we are moving. If one of us does leave, though, I think it will be Anz. Nelson. Missionaries never seem to stay very long in their first city. But ya never know. Transfers always throws curve balls. Ya never know what is gonna happen. Besides, it would be a pity if Anziano Nelson and I split up. I am having a blast with him as a companion.
Anways, till next time!
Love, Anziano Parry

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