Well hello there everyone!
I have to admit, it feels like it has been an eternity since last wednesday. For some reason, I guess traveling is gonna do that to ya lol.
Well, last thursday night I caught a Bus from Rome at 9:30 pm, and I didnt get to my new area in Trapani till about 6:00 pm the next day. I practically had a good solid day of bus rides, waiting, more bus rides, and then even more waiting before I finally caught the last final bus ride to Trapani. I went from Rome to Catania, from Catania to Palermo, and then from Palermo to Trapani. And let me tell ya, I was tired, and I was travel ugly. (Man, I scared myself in the mirror).
Trapani is incredible so far. It is much cleaner than I thought it was going to be, especially having heard alot of stories from the mainland italians. And the food here is... well, lets just say you all know me, and lets just  say I might be gaining weight here in Sicily. The cannoli.... Buono... I have had two member appointments now where they have fed me, and every time it is incredible. But after every time Anziano Nelson says that it wasnt NEARLY the best meal he has had yet. It blows my mind haha.
My new companion, Anziano Nelson, is the man! He is from Bountiful, UT, and has a huge family of 9 kids! Man, and I thought my family was large. He has so much desire, it is really cool to see. It makes me wonder if that is how I was in my 2nd transfer. Probably not, but man, it is fun to watch. And thanks to him being in his 2nd, I think I have probably spoken more Italian since I got here 5 days ago than I did in whole transfers in the past. Seriously, no wonder people who are old in the mission or who have trained speak well. They have to lol. It is either sink or swim haha.
The people here in Trapani, especially the members, are hilarious. In church, sunday, when they sang, everyone just kinda sings at the top of their lungs, and it cracks me up haha. And they argue by yelling at each other, without getting mad. Its just how they are haha. And we have a Ex- (I hope) Mafia member in the ward named Domenico Valenti haha. And man, does he look it too haha. Its awesome.

I arrived here to find that they already had a couple of investigators with a baptismal invitation standing. And I have met with both of them, and they are both very nice people. I hope to be able to help them along the path toward baptism. One is a man named Enzo, and the other is a woman named Lucia.
Anyways, things are going very well for me, as I am sure you can tell.
Love ya,
Anziano Parry
P.S. So close to africa, and there are absolutely no africans here. Weird...

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