Well, hey there everybody!
I just want to let you know, that this last week seemed to be one of the longest, slowest weeks of my mission. For what reason, I cant really say, but I think it was because on Monday, we started a new transfer. But from the time we recieved our tranfer calls to when the transfer actually started was 9 days, and for some reason, I think that was the culprit for a really long week, just because it seemed to take forever for the new transfer to get here.
We have been trying to start of the new transfer with a bang, but so far it has just been kinda a little pop instead lol. I guess it takes time to build some momentum. Anziano Nelson is the man. He says he is a greenie still, but he doesnt seem very green to me anymore. I have been learning alot from him, especialy what it means to be a good teacher. We get along great, and our favorite thing to do is order pizza. Buona!
We had a sweet lesson tuesday night. We have this family of investigators that has we have been trying to meet for a long time, but it seems like we never get the chance. Finally we got fed up with it, so I made an executive decision that after english class, which ends at 8:30 pm, we would race over and see them on our bikes. We got there, and everyone greeted us, and we started talking. They absolutely loved The Restoration video that we left them last time, but this time because we had so little time, we watched the Finding Happiness video with them, and had a sweet prayer with them. Before we left, however, they had a friend over with them while we were talking, who just asks us the question "why are there so many different religions? I'm catholic, but I want to know why there isnt something for everyone." But the cool part was that the entire family then turned to us, asked if they could borrow the Restoration video again for one more night, and then they told their friend that she would get her answer if she watched this video with them after we left. This family is going to be baptised very soon, I feel it!
Monday morning, we had District Meeting in Palermo, and it went really well. We have a new district leader, Anziano Tinoco, who is going to do very well, and it was good meeting. Before the meeting started, we had all sorts of things to do for when we got back to Trapani, but on the bus ride home every single one cancelled on us. I had just looked at my companion, and had uttered the words "well anziano, I have no idea what to do tonight" when 4 seconds later a member calls and invites us over for a dinner and a family home evening with his family. Miracles do happen! It was proof God loves us, and he was taking pity on us as missionaries lol.
Anyways, its true. God does love us, and he wants us all to be as happy as we possibly can. Of that, I can bear my firm testimony without a doubt in my mind. No matter what, things are always gonna look up.
Love ya!
Anziano Parry
P.S. I have decided on 3 things I would like but are not necessary for my Birthday. #1) These weird little flosser tooth picker things in the picture. I am almost out, and they dont have them here. #2) I would like some of those blue plastic floss threader things so I can floss my teeth where I have my permenant retainer. #3) I was thinking just maybe a couple packets of Kool-aid :D. Oh! and I have to add a #4) BUTTERFINGERS! lol.
Love ya all again!
Anziano Parry

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