Hey.... Where'd the good weather go? :(

This week has been slightly depressing in a couple ways lol.
Way #1) The weather for the last several days has been very miserable, which makes me think that there must be a tropical storm in the area or something. But it has been nothing but a constant blanket of clouds, rain, and wind. Last week it was nice and sunny, to the change is noticable.
Way #2) Italians are affected by the weather. It controls their lives lol. Their attitudes reflect the weather. So, with the weather we have been having, you can only immagine how the Italians have been. Not many people have been wanting to talk with us this last week, but hey, what can you do?
and Finally, Way #3) Enzo, the investigator we have had for awhile, gave us a call the other day. He told us that we are awesome, that he loves the church, that he knows it is the right way, and that it is all true, but that he cant meet with us anymore. His wife gave a VERY large forbidden order on taking lessons from us anymore, and he had to comply. So that was slightly disappointing, as I am sure you can immagine.
But other than those three things, this week has been awesome! Monday, we got to go to Palermo to get interviewed by the Mission President, President Kelly. He came down, and I had one of the best interviews I have had with him yet. It is so weird how a small, 15 minute interview can be such a cool thing. It was one of my highlights for my week.
So for my birthday, I had a pretty sweet day. I woke up, got ready, and studied like usual. Then, when we left the house, we went and bought something called "Arancini" which are like rice balls with meat in the middle, which are really good. Then we walked around and did some house because we didnt have any appointments set up for the morning. Then, we got a Gelato, which was the best one I have ever had, and then we went home for lunch. Afterwards, we had a Young Adults activity in church, which turned out to be a almost "surprise" birthday party for me. It was a way fun night, and not what I was really expecting.
 We have a new investigator named Pietro, that has alot of potential. He has had a past, though, and is really bothered by it. We had really good lesson with him, especially about repentance, and he really felt the Spirit in what we bore testimony about. It was really good, especially because he pointed out when he felt the Holy Ghost the very first time we talked with him, so we know that he felt the spirit this time around. We plan on inviting him to be baptised tonight when we see him. Wish us luck!
Thanks for all the Birthday wishes from everyone! And thanks for everything you do for me.
Oh, P.S. We have permission to use skype to call home for mother's day, and they said we could call on Sunday the 8th, so let me know by next week is best for you all to call, and what times. Remember, I am 8 hours ahead, so I was thinking about 8:00 in the morning, Utah time, just like how we did for Christmas.  Let me know what you think!
Thanks! Love ya all!
Anziano Parry

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