One Year Older? Yes. Wiser? No.

I just want to say this. YES! I finally get away from family birthday spankings and there is nothing you all can do about it! Muahahaha!
And the next coment is this. 2 weeks, 4 days till mothers day, and I will be able make the famous call. Be ready :D
The last two days have been really good. They were terrible in the fact that I think we easily rode 25 miles on our bikes, and my legs wanted to shoot me by the end of last night, but incredible in that some really cool things happened. Monday morning we had decided to try and find all the old contacts from 6 or 7 years ago, so we picked some names and started biking around finding these people. Most werent there anymore. But the last name of the day was a man named Pietro, and when we rang his citofono, at first he didnt recognise us. But when he did, his entire countenance lit up. He invited us in, made us eat Kuskus with him, and asked us why we hadnt come to find him again before now. He then invited us back the next day, where we had an incredible first lesson, and he then invited us back again another day. This was a huge testimony to me that finding old contacts and investigators really does work wonders.
Remind me that when I bring you all to Italy, and that if we every come to visit Trapani, to make me take you to Napola, where they make the world famous, biggest Cannoli ever! And it was so good! My branch president here likes to take us to get cannoli after lessons with him, and I dont think that I will ever mind lol. They are definately one thing I want to learn how to make.
One thing I have definately noticed is that when you stay in a city for more than 1 transfer, your relationship with that ward or branch skyrockets exponentially. This last week was a testimony of that for me. On Sunday, we had 3 invites to lunch after church. Monday night we had another sweet dinner with another member family. They made a mushroom and sausage pasta, and it was incredible. Then, the branch set up a Young Adult night, and they made sure to do it on a night when we could come. Things are just going awesome here in Trapani.
One final note, Italians love wishing people a happy holiday or a happy birthday. Last night at english class, to end the night off, everyone wished us all a happy Easter, and to me they gave me a "doppio Auguri" double congratulations, and then it was the famous "Italian Bacio" all around, where everyone went around giving the side of the face kiss lol. It takes FOREVER for everyone to do it haha. Gotta love Italians.
Anyways, Till next week!
Anziano Parry

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