Things of April

Well, lets just say its another day in Paradise!
Today's Giorno di Preparazione (Preparation Day) has been incredible so far. I woke up, studied some, showered like usual, ate some pizza that I had saved over from last night. By the way, the pizza here is so cool. We have a pizza place right by our house. We give them a call, we say the kind of pizza we want, and they already know its us because the Anziani here have been buying from this pizza place for forever, and then 15 minutes later it is at our house. Its nice:D. Well today, we went to Erice, which is an ancient city close by Trapani. It was absolutely beautiful. Add Erice to your list of places you want me to take you when we all come back to Italy together. It was about as ancient Italian as it gets. Very nice!
This last week was slightly hard for me, but not in a terrible sense. It was hard in the fact that we have been finding some new investigators, but we couldnt meet with any of this last week it seems like. This awesome family that we found, that I told you all about, is very difficult to meet because they have no money in their cellphone, so when we set something up they cant call us and let us know if they cancel and wont be home. Which seems to happen alot lol. So we have an appointment with them tonight, and we are praying that all goes well.
Yesderday we had a really cool lesson with a man named Giuseppe and his wife (I never remember her name). We had a member with us, and we had met with them last tuesday also. Last time, we had taught the restoration, and explained the Book of Mormom, and then we left. During the week, Giuseppe decided he wanted to check what we said so he searched the Internet. The cool thing was, he said he realised he was going to find all the stuff critising us too, so he just ignored all that and just read stuff that would inform him. And he found everything we said. This time, yesterday, we taught a little of the Plan of Salvation, and they loved it. They ate it all up. The spirit was definately there, and finally, when we ran out of time, we asked when we could come back. He said "come back tomorrow if you want!" and his wife immediately said "No! I wont be here tomorrow!" haha it was a really good lesson.
General Conference was really good for me. I loved it. There was one talk, by Anziano Nelson if I remember right, that was on Desires, and I absolutely enjoyed that talk thoroughly. And then, how President Monson gave a whole section of his talk sunday morning to talk about the Rome temple! Incredible!
Hey Joey! I want to ask you something! What to you want from Italy for a Birthday/baptism present? And since my birthday happens to be this month also, I just wish to say I want nothing:D but if you have to send me something, use your imaginations:) and I do have one request. Someone give Lauren a "Wet Willy" for me because she made fun of how old I soon will be. Thanks:D
I love you guys bunches! Vi amo tantissimo!
Ciao, Anziano Parry

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