April Showers Bring May Flowers, But What to May Flowers Bring?....... Pilgrims.

Who knew that this week would be so awesome? Not me! It has seemed to fly right on by, but at the same time take forever. But hey, I guess thats why they say "Time flies when you're having fun." And some really interesting things happened too.
First off, for the photo. It all started a few days ago. I was inside, doing my laundry, when I realised that the room suddenly got really REALLY orange. My companion and I go outside, and we find the sky completely orange. The only thing that we could decide was happening was that Africa must by having a lot of sandstorms right now, and that what we were seeing was sand being blown in from the Sahara desert. Cool, huh?
Sunday night we passed by an old lady in the branch because we just felt like we should. We ended up being there for about an hour talking with her about everything because she has been feeling very depressed, especially about how her son has fallen away from the church. We talking about the plan of salvation, prophecies from Talmage, and Libia, and about how we can be happy no matter what, and about how happy we will be after this life. As we were leaving, she told me to make sure I wrote something in my journal tonight. I asked her what, and she told me to write that I had made a difference that day to someone. I cant explain how that made me feel, but it was good. It made me feel like a missionary.
Last night, for english class, we had such a ballin' spiritual thought. It was sweet! We started out by asking the class what a prophet was, and then we read out of the Bible dictionary what it said. And then we read Amos 3:7(God does nothing without prophets), 2 Chronicles 20:20(follow the Prophet, and you will prosper), Jacob 4:6(The prophets help faith testimonies grow) and then finally, we read Mormon 9:9-10 (God NEVER changes). After we read all those, we left them with this question "So if God never changes, he never does anything without a prophet, prophets help people, and that Prophets are so important, then why isnt there a Prophet today?" We told them we didnt want them to answer, just to think about the question. Marcello, a student, just kinda sat there stroking his chin, muttering to himself "hmmm.... thats a good question....". Tomorrow we are going to spring Modern Day Prophets on them muahahaha! We have such a good plan.
I am going to Skype call you at 8:00 a.m. your time sunday morning, so be ready! I hope things will all be worked out, and the Video function is approved again, so how lucky is that! I hope everyone can be there, Mom and Dad, and then whoever else can make it.
I am not going to say anything more, because I am going to see you all on sunday!
Love ya!
Ciao, Anziano Parry

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