Well, I never really thought about it before, but I have been really wondering what it feels like to be a parent expecting their first child to be born any day now. And ya know, since recieving Transfer calls, I have been thinking that how I feel is probably about as close to it as I can possibly get without actually being a parent. I'm gonna be a Father! Yep, thats right, I am training this next transfer! Who it is yet, I have no idea, but I will be finding out tomorrow when I pick him up at the train station in Catania. My transfer predictions came true. Anziano Nelson is getting moved to Siracusa, and I am staying in Trapani. I am way excited for this next transfer. I am gonna show my "son" the highlights of missionary life. Haha, man, he better hit the ground runnin' is all I gotta say.
It hasnt really been that long since I have emailed, the last time being on friday, so I dont really have much to talk about today. We had the 2nd ever Stake conference in Sicily on Sunday, which was really good. I enjoyed it alot, and I even got to sing in the choir. Dont worry, I sang quietly just in case so I wouldnt scare any children. I really enjoyed the talk that was given by Pres. Nudo, the stake president. He talked about forgiveness, and how we refuse to accept Jesus Christ as the Savior when we don't forgive someone, or when we dont repent.
Monday, we did exchanges in Palermo, and I got to go with Anziano Tinoco. It was one of my favorite exchanges so far. I learned alot from him. He is a really good missionary. In fact, he just became my new Zone Leader. He started the mission the same time as me a year ago, so he still has some time left.
I have been really thinking about Prayer lately, and I realise that it is probably one of my strongest testimonies. During Zone conference and during DDM, I realised that no matter what you do, Prayer should be the very first step to getting it done. We talked about desire during Zone conference. Bam, prayer helps. In DDM we talked about loving people. Bam, pray helps. So my invite to all of you who read this is to pray a little harder. Pray a little longer. Pray a little better. Everything goes better when you pray. I have seen it work in my life, especially my mission, so why wouldnt it work for you?
Anyways, I will write more next week. Love ya all!
Anziano Parry
P.S. The photo is a sunset here in Trapani.

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