Well everybody, its a beautiful day in the neighborhood! Literally. It is even a little too beautiful. It is way hot outside here lol.
Sorry I am emailing a few days late, we had a Zone Conference in Catania, and because of how much traveling I had to do to get there I havent been able to find a computer until now.
The biggest announcement I have is we have a new baptismal date! Well, on Saturday, Anziano Nelson gave his first ever baptismal invite that was accepted! We were having a lesson with a less active member named Maurizio, and his brother was there during the lesson with us. We were just reading from the Book of Mormom, when I got the feeling that Anziano Nelson needed to invited Maurizio's brother, Salvatore, to be baptised. I told Anz. Nelson to do it, and he looks at me like I was crazy and tells me to do it, but in the end I exercised my senior companion authority and made him do it. After he gave the invite, Salvatore said yes! He said yes! He wasnt even an investigator! We set the day for June 4th, and are working towards it. There will be some trials, like him smoking ALOT and drinking coffee ALOT, but hey, that just means more fun for us, right?
The second biggest announcement is that we recieve Transfer calls tomorrow! Wild, huh? Can you believe I have been in Trapani for 2 transfers already, or almost 3 months? Man, time sure does fly by. My prediction is that Anziano Nelson leaves, I stay, and that I will probably end up training. I'm not saying that in a cocky way, its just what we are getting 17 new Anziani, and I am now officially one of the oldest missionaries now in the mission. That really is wild, huh?
Today, we have a lesson with Pietro! We are planning on inviting him today to be baptised, so wish us the Spirit, and... a little luck wouldnt hurt that much either. He has been progressing quite nicely, and we know he feels the difference. We shall see. Expect good news!
Anyways, I gotta go! Love ya all!
Anziano Parry
P.S. The Photo is of Erice on a REALLY cloudy day. I was literally walking inside a cloud. It was totally WICKED!

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