Whoa... What day is tomorrow?

Well, this last week has been incredible. It has gone by way slow, yet way fast at the same time! So first off, this photo is one of me and my "son" eating pizza together for the first time. It was such a special moment. His name is Anziano Ryan Bunker from Ceder Hills! We get along great. We like a ton of the same stuff, and just basically joke around all day long with each other. It great. He played football, so he could kill me if he wanted to, so its a good thing that we get along.
So far it has been more fun than I thought it would be to be a trainer. Its a blast just watching him walk around, wide eyed, just saying "whoa... I'm in Italy...." but the best part is the Greenie energy he brought with him. We are gonna have an awesome transfer together, with a ton of success. It is already started off that way.
We had a lesson with Pietro the other day, and it went incredibly. He felt the spirit so strongly that he cried at the end, and said he would be baptised when he knew everything was true. But the story I wanted to tell actually happened immediately after him. We left his house, and went over to try and find Baldassere, a less-active member. I made us walk down the wrong street for some reason, and when we corrected ourselves, and finally made it to his house, he wasnt home. But we met a member who was there trying to visit him to. We ran into him at the exact same time. He had nothing to do, so he volunteered to come with us to visit this other family of investigators with us. And actually, it was the best thing that had ever happened for our relationship with this family. He just tore them apart with the spirit. They told him all about the hard times they were having, how they almost didnt want us to come over anymore, and just how they were feeling far from God. Our member friend, Mario, then sat and worked spiritual magic. He went from inviting them to pray, to reading the Book of Mormon, to coming to church, and then back again. He tied everything in to everything that they said, and in the end he had them basically asking to come to church on sunday. It was incredible. He became the key to this family I feel, all because I took a wrong street and managed to meet him at the right time. God works miracles.
We have decided to pick up a less active family and start teaching them again. In fact, they are members from just over a year ago, but have been inactive since I got here. We are hoping to bring them back. The Lord has plans for that family I feel, especially because when we saw them a couple days ago we got a new investigator out of the visit. His name is Giuseppe, and has been living in a "tunnel" for a long time he said, and he wants us to help him get of it. We have our first lesson with him today, so wish us luck!
Tomorrow is a crazy day, eh? One year ago, and wiser too(maybe), happy mission anniversary, to me!
Love ya!
Anziano Parry

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