Ero stanco da morire

This last week, I am just gonna say it, has been slightly hard. Not for any bad reason, such as struggling with the mission, or homesickness or anything thing like that, because I have never had a problem with that. It was hard because I have been way way tired lately. Today was the first day in about a week and a half that I woke up not feeling like I got run over by a train haha. I guess thats the mission for ya lol. It is all better now though, at least I hope so anyways.
 This last week has been way crazy, especially the day of Domenico's baptism. It literally seemed like anything that could have gone wrong, really did go wrong. We had problems with finding white clothes for everyone, so we had to made a trip to Palermo to get the clothes. Because of that, we didnt get back to the church in Trapani till about an hour before the baptism and we hadnt even started filling the font up. Dispite all that, the baptism went off without a hitch. Haha Mimmo, the man who baptised Domenico, had to dunk Domenico three times before he got it right haha. It was a really good day.
After the baptism, we went and watched the Branch here play soccer against a ward from Palermo. It is kinda like Italy's version of church ball. Anyways, I asked President Kelly if we could play soccer with them, but he said that we could normally, but since this was a tournament we werent allowed to play. I kinda struggled with that decision, especially because they needed a goalie, and I would have gotten to play with a legit Pro Italian Soccer Player, but instead I got stuck doing referee. But at the end of the game, I am really glad I didnt play because it was a way rough game, and a couple people got hurt. My testimony of following and obeying leaders grew that day lol. Our branch president got taken out of the game, and some guy got his head split open. It goes to show ya that obedience, even when you dont know why, is a good way to bring blessings.
Well, Transfer Calls came and went Saturday. The Assistents gave us a call, and told us that we were staying together for another one here at Trapani, and that President Kelly is really pleased with the work we are doing. And, on top of that, he made me District Leader of the new Trapani/Palermo 1 district. It is my first time being district leader, so I am way excited, but also way nervous at the same time. It will be a ton of fun.
We had a couple of disappointments this week. We confermed that Pietro Boemo got transfered to Messina for 6 months because of work, and then our other baptismal date, Salvatore, just went crazy and decided our church was run by executives, and that he didnt like that among a bunch of other stuff in our church. Its alright though, he was legity crazy I feel, so I dont feel to bad when he acted crazy lol.
Anyways, the work is still going on way well! We now have a change to shift directions and start working on other people now that we had a baptism and kind of weeded out some non-progress makers. I am way happy to be staying here for at least 1 more transfer.
Thanks for everything, I love you guys!
Vi Voglio Bene!
Anziano Parry

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