Fire Arrows work better than normal Arrows

Since the last time I emailed, many many things have happened. In fact, so many things have happened that I dont feel like writing about them all. In fact, today, I really dont feel like writing much at all haha. So, forgive me if I am rather brief this week.
We had a mission tour this week by Anziano Teixeira and his wife from the Area presidency. They did an incredible training for us on find new people to teach. They taught us about how in the middle ages, when you are attacking a castle, you can us pretty much anything and it will eventually work. You can start out with arrows, and then move to fire arrows. Then you can use a catapult, and then a fire catapult. Then we can move on to Calvary, and then fire calvary lol. Everything we use eventually will get the job done. Its just that some things are much more effect and get the job done a heck of a lot faster than other things. And then they taught us about how we can apply this principle to our missionary work. That is exactly how it is in missionary work.  Then, they invited us to read the Book of Mormon in 60 days. I have already read the Book of Mormon a couple times on the mission, so I decided to give it a twist for myself. I am going to be reading the BofM in 60 days in Italian. It wont be too bad, I understand everything now anyways. It just takes alot longer to read in Italian than it does in inglish. Bring it on!
We had a sweet, oh so sweet Sunday. We had 7 investigators in church! In fact, that happens to be my record for getting people to church. 4 of the 7 was a family, which was incredible, and then the other 3 were individuals. The work here in Trapani is growing so much right now, it is incredible. And it turns out, the family that came was the Ardito family from a couple months ago. They had been so so investigators, never wanting to do something. Then one night, I had a dream that my companion and I gave them some food that had been given to us. I took that as that is what we needed to do. We gave them some food, it was about 4 kili of rice and pasta, and then, it worked. Something clicked. They came to church. They said they are going to come back the next week. It is amazing what following your dreams will do for ya haha. I just thank God.
We find out what happens with Transfers this saturday. This has been my 3rd transfer here in Trapani. These 3 have gone by way faster than my 4 in Ostia did. I am really hoping I stay here for at least another one, and I am hoping that Anziano Bunker and I stay together for at least one more too. I think we will, but ya never with President Kelly. He always likes to throw curve balls during transfers lol.
Anyways, I love you guys! Thanks for all the support you have given me! You're awesome!
Vi Voglio Bene!
Anziano Parry

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