Heya tutti!

Buon Giorno A Tutti!
Questa settimana è andata molto, molto bene! Specificalmente perchè Pietro è venuto in chiesa. Lui è venuto un pò in ritardo, ma non mi importa perchè è venuto! E gli è piasciuto tantissimo. In fatti, i suoi occhi stavano lacrimendo durante la riunione di testimonianza. Ahhh mamma mia, lui è bravissimo. Vorrei che lo conosceste, quindi speriamo che tutto vada bene con il suo battesimo, e poi posso mandarvi qualchè foto di lui. Speriamo, eh?
This week, I had some insane experiences lol. First one, and maybe the best one, happened sunday night. We were searching for some contacts that we had been made, so we were trying to turn a couple of them into new investigators. We had this one contact, a Romainian lady, who gave us her address and told us to pass by. So we did, and it turns out the house that we passed by was actually this really old guy's house named Vincenzo Rubino. He is almost 90 years old, and he brought us right into his house. We started talking with him, and then this Romainian lady came home. She was his caretaker, and she was leaving in 4 days so it didnt go anywhere, but was alright because Vincenzo is awesome. He cant hear, so we had to yell at him to get him to understand us, and he showed us his house, and then I comment on some italian playing cards that I saw, and he asked me if I knew how to play Briscola, which is a way fun game. I said yes, and his eyes just lit up. He made me play with him, where I ended up winning 3 times in a row, and then he showed us the rest of his house. He gave me a book, and made me take it, and wrote the coolest note in it ever. Then, he asked me if I was married. I said now. He asked if I had a girlfriend. I said yes just cause I knew he was hoping I did. He told me that I bring her to visit him lol, and that he would give her a bunch of stuff as gifts of friendship haha. Then he invited us back for Pizza next week, but only after his caretaker leaves. He is getting a new one soon, and he is way happy see the old one go. I asked him if it "fa dispiacere di vederla partire" and he said "No. Fa molto piacere" haha it was awesome. What a nice guy.
We have a guy in our branch here named Monticciolo, and he has to be pronounced medically blind. His glasses are so thick that I am pretty sure they would stop a bullet. He literally has to hold a book 1 inch from his face to read. But the best part is that he drives! How crazy is that!? It scared me so bad when I learned that haha.
We also have a guy in our branch here who cant walk very well. He got depressed a while ago, and it jacked up his nervous system. Now, he needs someone to push him forward to get him moving because he cant get going on his own. The best part with him is that he cant walk, but he rides a bike haha. This branch is so awesome haha.
We now have 3 baptismal dates right now, and they all should eventually fall through! The closest date is for June 25, which is coming up in a couple of weeks, which is for Pietro and for Domenico. They are gonna be baptised on the same day. The other one is for the 2nd of July, so we still have a little time. The work here is going very well right now.
Yesterday, I poisoned myself haha. It was awesome. Lets just say I am never going to make moldy cheese pasta again. Yeah, it was definately not a very enjoyable experience haha. I basically destroyed both me and my companions guts 30 minutes later haha, but after that my "son" pulled through, but left me wanting to die. My stomach has gotten pretty weak, what with all OTHER incredible italian food that I usually eat haha. My bathroom was my best friend lol.
Anyways, I love ya all! Thanks for all the support you give me.

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