Who believes in Ghosts?

Well, lets just say that my house was haunted this last week. We had so many things go wrong. First, we had a hose explode under our kitchen sink. Then, we had our landlords come and try and fix it. They couldnt, but while they were there, they went through the house and commented on everything else. Apparently, EVERYTHING is defective with the house haha, and that we live like filthy americans. The outlet is burnt out, the fire alarm goes off with no reason, the blinds in the my bedroom just broke, the fan we have is dangerous, we are using the wrong kind of light bulbs, the bathtub drain for the shower that my companion uses was completely discusting, water we didnt have this morning, we have a really weird funky smell in the house, and last but not least I stubbed my toe.
Then, monday morning, we had a plumber come to finish fixing everything in the house, and he comes 1 1/2 hours early so we didnt have time to finish cleaning the house. No worries, I wasnt too embarrassed. But we decided to clean the house some anyways, just because we were already in the cleaning mode. And we ended finding some dead birds in our blinds for our windows. The blinds here are very heavy duty, and are built right into the wall, so we had to take the cover off and everything to find them, and get rid of them. Then, we had doors slamming everywhere in our house, so that was really interesting too. We just had a haunted week.
This last week has been pretty good as far as the work goes. There are certain things that could have gone better, but we met alot of our goals this week. Next week, we are hoping to do even better. Last night was a really interesting night too. Our branch president called us and invited us to come to his house and give his daughter a blessing. His daughter is not a member, and she has been having pregnancy problems. She is 7 months into the pregnancy. We went gave gave her a blessing, and then we had a little lesson with her and her husband and the family. It was a very good lesson. I felt the spirit really strongly. I know that they had to have felt it too. I love teaching families about the family. It really is a unique experience. I havent really been able to quite find something that brings the spirit like talking about the family. It all depends, really.
We have a new place to find investigators. We call it the 41 house. It is way sweet. It has alot of people so far that have been willing to talk to us, and so, whenever we are feeling the need, it is a good place to pass by and try and find someone. So far we have 2 investigators from the 41 house, with at least 1 potential. It is so cool. We are gonna milk the place dry.
Today we went up to Erice again, so that is what this photo is from. Enjoy=D
I love you guys! Thanks for all the support that you give me!
Love, Anziano Parry

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