Anziano Parry's Epistle to the Americans + 1 Canadian

You "non-full-time missionaries" out there will never understand the phenomenom that is P-day. It comes once a week, goes by way too fast, and you have to wait an eternity for the next one to come around.
 Since last week, lets just say I havent been doing anything but WORK! Since last wednesday to today, things have been going pretty good. I have had some pretty crazy experiences too.
Well Family, if I had to tell you one experience I had this week, it would be the one I had Sunday night with the Famiglia Ardito. Do you guys remember the Family Ardito? I found them a couple months ago, and they have been difficult for me haha. I couldnt believe the night we had sunday though. We showed up, and we started talking with the Dad, and just kinda joking around while waiting for the rest of the family to come into the room. When everyone got there, the Dad starts reasurring us that they werent messing around with us, or prender-ing us in Giro. And then we started the Plan of Salvation. We had wanted to just do a fast pass over the plan so that the family could see the whole picture, but they got so involved in it that will all the questions they were asking us we ended up teaching the whole thing fairly well. The best part was every time they learned something new, they were all like "oh, wow, I didnt know that. That makes so much sense.". And then, in the end, we invited them all to be baptised, and they said yes. The whole family! 2 Parents named Vito and Roberta, one son named Marco who has 20 years, and 2 little girls named Mellissa and Federica who has 11 and 9 years. Their date is 6 Agosto.
It was incredible. Absolutely incredible. It is lessons like that that I live for.
And then, yesterday morning, we had this lesson with a man named Irese from Nigeria. It was the first time we had met with him, and he had alot of questions, and mostly he just seemed to be very deep in thought alot of the time. He is interesting. He speaks english best, but reads Italian best because he never learned how to read in Nigeria. But at the end of lesson, we invited him to be baptised on the 6 Agosto when he knew everything was true, and he said yes. And he was way excited too, saying that he had never been baptised before. 
So there was another one! That is 6 new baptismal dates within 3 days, and when we add that to the one we already had, that is now 7 dates all for the 6th of August haha. That is gonna be a very busy day. #7 is named Salvatore, and he is more than slightly challenge, so he is gonna be a fight, but I am up for it. Haha so much for serving a mission in Italy, Rome, behind enemy lines. Take that! HA!
Monday, I went to a funeral. A catholic funeral. It was REALLY interesting. The man who died was the member of a less-active member here. She was less-active because she had to stay home and take care of him because he was a vegetable, so hopefully she will start coming back to church. Anyways, a catholic Funeral has alot of sprinkling of Holy Water, burning of incense and waving this smoking canester around everywhere by the coffin, and reciting Padre Nostro. Mormon funerals are so much better. They usually have food.
Sunday was a very interesting day. We had Albert the Deaf African come to church with us, and I spent 3 hours translating, and writing everything that was said. It was very tiring haha. And then we got stood up by some other people, and then we had a lunch with some members. It was a good day.
Here in Trapani, things have been nice and cool. We are averaging about 35-40° celcius every day, so that averages out to be about 100° F haha. Then we have hot wind from africa every day too, and we had that to the VERY high humidity we have here, the day turns out to be a very PLEASANT experience haha.
Well, family, that is what I have for you this week. Be good, ya hear! Oh, and by the way, I gained a very strong testimony on Fasting this week, but I am not going to tell you this story till I come home haha. It's a good one. Love ya!
Vi Voglio Bene,
Anziano Parry
P.S. The photo is of a guy stealing clothes from a Charity. It cracked me up haha.

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