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So here is a fun fact about Trapani:
Our investigator, Andrew, is from Ghauna. And he has been here for over a year. And the last time that we saw him, he told us that the sun is much stronger here in Trapani than in Africa, and that he has gotten blacker (if that is even possible haha) here than he ever was in Ghauna lol. So that is your fun fact for the week. Trapani, in the summer, is worse than Africa.
This last week has been really interesting. I met Death and Simba this week.
Death is our crazy investigator named Salvatore who believes that he is Death, and that it says so in Revelations. Simba was the husband of a member from Congo that we found. Tight, huh?
 Probably my favorite thing that happened was on Monday. We have a couple of contacts who are living in refugee camps because they are fleeing the wars in Africa, so Monday night we went with our Branch President out to go visit them. While we were at the camp, we end up finding 2 members of the church who had left africa! They told us that they had been trying and praying for a way to find the church here in Italy because they wanted to come. And we found them! And now we have everything organized for sunday to get them there, where I will officially be a translator for a solid 3 hours straight. It is gonna be tight. I am way excited. And these members, both are women, told us that they wanted us to baptise their husbands because they arent members yet haha. We shall see what we can do.
We have been getting knocked by some members of the Jehovah's Witnesses here. Some of them knocked our door because they thought it was an old folks home, and we scared them when we opened the door and they realised we were their worst nightmare haha. Dont worry, we were nice to them. I even showed them I had one of their bibles, (I like to use it to see all the differences in different bibles, and to prove them wrong haha) and then they went on their way. Then, like 2 days later, we had som JW's stop us on the street and ask us for our "Bible" because they wanted to be informed about what we believe. So we let them have it haha.
Ya know how in the Southern States, they have all those churches that have those signs that always say funny stuff? Well, I heard that there was one that said this:
"Dont Pray About The Book of Mormom, Thats How They Get Get You."
All I have to say is its true, thats how we get you.
Our investigator Irese is doing so well! He is progressing very nicely. The only problem we have with him is that he doesnt know how to read haha. He speaks english, but reads and understands italian better because he never went to school. But he is always asking when he can see us next, and that he is way excited to be baptised. 6 Agosto is his day, and he is gonna be ready.
Sad to say, we werent able to see the Famiglia Ardito this week, so I dont have anything to update you with for them.
Anyways, thanks for everything you do for me! I feel your love and support every day.
Vi stimo, e vi amo tantissimo. Non posso fare niente senza voi e senza Dio. Mi dispiace (not really) ma trovo un sostegno più grande in Dio che in voi, ma so che siete d'accordo con me.
Vi voglio bene!
Anziano Parry

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