Well, I am very sorry to tell you all this, but I really dont feel like writing much this week.
Not a lot has happened, and things have just been kinda slow lately.
Things have been kinda slow the last week, especially after the baptism because we weeded out some of our investigators that werent doing much progress. And then, having done that, we have been trying some other stuff to see some results, but we havent gotten much success from it.
 One of the things we did was go visit Marsala, which is a neighboring city that supposidly has alot of less active members there, about 10 maybe. When we got there, we met up with a less active member named Giuseppe. I really dont know how to help that guy haha. I wish I could tell ya more, but he told me alot of personal stuff, and so, ya know, its private haha. I feel it was a good thing that we went and saw him, but it took a whole day out of our week. I dont feel too bad about it though.
Haha man, the baptism we had last week really tired me out. I am still feeling it. We had to pull out all the stops to get it to happen, and it happened, but now I still have the effects of it hittin' me.
I am reading my Book of Mormon in italiano now. This last monday 2 days ago marked the day for the last time I study in english for the next year. Cool, huh? we shall see if it is a good choice or not, but now I feel it is alright. I get a ton out of it. I understand it pretty much exactly how I do it english, but with different wording on everything.
Boh, haha that is seriously all that is coming to mind to tell you. Sorry =D I hope this next week is more eventful to tell you things.
Love you all! Thanks for everything!
Vi Voglio Bene,
Anziano Parry
P.S. The photos are
1) Of my first casualties. Those due shirts served me well, but they took a hit that they couldnt come back from.
2) Me and my companion, and our city pride lol.

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