Cries of Repentance, As Seen In The Book of Mormon, Occasionally Do Work.

I suppose the first item of business is my "prophetic" cry of repentance that went out yesterday. I just want to let you know that it yeilded very desirous results, and it caused me to thing of all the stories in the Book of Mormon when a profet would cry repentance unto a city, and then most of the city would repent and be converted. But, as we also see in the Book of Mormon, there are always a group of people that never do hearken unto the words of the Prophet, and they are always destroyed afterwards. Lucky for us I am not a prophet, and that my cries of repentance dont really have that much weight in heaven, or I am afraid that our large family would be missing a few members soon ;)
Things have gone very well this last week. And now, I have alot of new things to tell you. I guess first off, is to say that there arent going to be any baptisms this week... :(  what happened was that we were never able to meet with our investigators during the last couple of weeks, and because of that we have had to move their days. For example, the Ardito Family. This family is so incredible and when we set the date of the 6th Agosto for them it was amazing. But since that night, this monday was the first time we were able to see them, and it was incredible. Marco told us about how he had been getting crazy answers all over the place, for example, he prayed this one time and in the end of the prayer he asked God to just make himself heard, and immediately after that he heard thunder inside his house.  And then, this other time he was praying, and he started hearing this really peaceful, calm voice talking, but he couldnt understand what it said. It kinda scared him because he was all alone, but he felt good afterwards. But now, we are still struggling with seeing them haha. I wish Good Luck for the missionarys who have to work with them haha. But the good news is that they still want to be baptised! We established that monday night, and now we are in the process of getting them a new date.
As of right now, we have 4 baptismal dates.
20 Agosto- Israel
20 Agosto- Kenneth
27 Agosto- Simba
27 Agosto- Irese
These all should go through too. Two of them are people married to members from Africa, Simba and Kenneth, and the other two are just ballin' people. Israel has been doing awesome missionary work for us too. He says he always wanted to preach the Word, and now that he has a chance he is gonna do it.
Well, it is that time of the Transfer again. This saturday I get Transfer Calls! I really have no idea whether I am going to leave, or stay in Trapani for a 5th transfer. I have done good work here, there was absolutely nothing here when I first arrived, but now things are really blossoming. President told me at Zone Conference that he has no idea whether he wants to keep me here or not, so he is going to be running only on the spirit to decided haha. I guess that just means that I know whatever happens is the right thing to happen to me. I will let you know next week.
Our sundays are starting to be my most tiring day of the week here. We are now getting an average of 7 africans to come to church with us each week, so now the Branch here is starting to joke around about how we could start an International Branch here. We have been having alot of success lately.
Last night, we got the Branch in on an activity to take everyone everyone up to Erice to show them around, so that is what the photo is this week. We were all up there last night, and they all loved it. They had a blast haha. They are from left to right, Gladyse, Kenneth, Bunker, Parry, Christian, Israel, and Joy. Christian told us he was interested in our church, and if he continued liking what he heard he would "make himself part of this church" haha.
I guess I am done for this week.
I will talk to you all next wednesday!
Vi Voglio Bene,
Anziano Parry

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