Hey everybody!
Well, sincerely, it is gonna be a really short email again this week. Maybe. We shall see how fast I can type.
Things are going good here in Trapani. On Saturday, we had a really good day here. The Anziani di Palermo 1 came to do DDM here, and then we had a bunch of baptismal interviews. First, Israel was interviewed. He talked to you, then he talked with Anziano Roe, and he passed his interview with flying colors. He told us afterwards that the night before he was really thinking about his "examination" the next day, and didnt sleep at all. He is a really good guy. Then, we met up with our Branch President, Nunzio Laudicina, and we all went out to this place called Salina Grande. There, Anziano Roe interviewed Kenneth first, which he also passed easily, and then he interviewed Simba. Because Simba speaks only french, his wife helped us with the tranlation, and it went smoothly. He also passed the interview. Which means that here in a couple days, we will be having 3 baptisms on Saturday! Then, here in the next couple of weeks, we will be having a couple more baptisms. Michael, who is on the 17th, and Irese who is also on the 17th. We are working with them, and now that we have some supplies in English we will finally be able to really work on them hard.
Im excited for Saturday!!! Things are going well here in Trap-town.  This week, we have gotten alot of good contacts to try and turn into investigators. We are now teaching the sister of a member here, and it is going to be incredible. We had a lesson zero with her, and things went really well. She loved everything, and just soaked everything up. We had her family there too, and they helped out so much. When she gave the prayer at the end, she started crying really hard, and afterwards when she was asked why she just said "Non lo so..." but she loved it. I am feeling really good about this new investigator. Her name is Enza Giacalone.
I started reading the Bible this week! I am way excited. I read the first 15 chapters of the New Testament. That is where I am gonna start focusing my studies. I finally have time to do other stuff in my personal studies, so now I am studying a little of the Bible, I am reading the BofM again, and am doing a little in PMV too. It is nice to be flexible again in what I study. The BofM challenge was nice, but it dominated my studies. I bought me a really nice italian bible because I plan on studying the scriptures in italian after the mission, so I figured might as well get a nice one.
I have been doing really well. As Mom so kindly reminded me, it is time to apply to colleges, so if anyone has any advice for me on what I should do, you should let me know!
P.S. One photo is of my District. We are on a Giant mountain of salt. They make salt here in Trapani.
The other photo is of a bunch of people who I started the mission with. We saw each other at Zone Conference Yesterday.
Thanks for everything!
Vi Voglio Bene,
Anziano Parry

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