Name that video game character

Well, here we gooooooo!     Name that character. Can ya name it? Are ya having a little difficulty? I'll give you a hint. He is italian haha.
This week has been pretty tight. And it has gone by way fast. It feels like almost yesterday when I did email last. I guess that is what happens when you are busy though. I have a couple of things that I need to update you with.
So the first thing would be about this weekend. Sad to say, but we will be having no baptisms this Saturday. Instead, we will be having a bunch of baptismal interviews this Saturday. We werent able to get everything done in time by last Saturday, so we simply had to push everything back one week. So this Saturday Kenneth, Israel, and Simba will all be interviewed, and then next Saturday is the big dunk day. I have yet figured out what we are going to do with Simba because no one here speaks french, so who knows haha. I will let you know next week. And we have an appointment tomorrow with a guy named Pastor. No, that is not his name, that is just what people call him because that is what he is. He is a Pastor from Congo, and he speaks only french. But he really wants to meet with us, and through Google Translate told us that he is basically studying Simba's Book of Mormon we gave him. Google translate works miracles haha.
Next thing on the agenda, I suppose, is that we have another baptismal date for a man named Michael. His is for the 17 Settembre, so we have a little more time to teach him. He has been coming to church with all of our africans, but because we havent been able to give him a Book of Mormon since we ran out of them about a month ago, we havent really counted him as investigating. Anyways, he came to me yesterday, and said "Aaaahhhhh, Parry..... I want become a full member of the Latter-Day Saints, not just a church goer. How do you people do baptism.?" Haha well, I have no need to tell you about my reaction, but needless to say he is Ballin'.
Monday, we had Feragosto, Cioè the day in august that we spend all day inside cleaning our house. Hence the Before and after photo of our kitchen. Dont worry, that wasnt even the worst room. But needless to say, I am very satisfied with our work. But the terrible thing was after 8 hours of cleaning on Monday, we still didnt finish. We added another hour tuesday morning to finish up the last room. My house is really nice and clean right now. Now, dont go thinking that we were absolute slobs haha. Our house really wasnt that bad. We just kinda got lazy with cleaning the 3 days before monday because we knew we were gonna have to clean it all anyways haha.
Sunday night we had 2 member meal appointments. Lucky us, no? Except they feed you in one meal literally to the point of throwing up. No lie, it happened to me once. But that is a story for a different time:D. Anyways, we had lunch with the Manzo family, and then the Giacalone family picked us up and took us out into the country to their Villa for a BBQ. Anyways, we get there, and we teach a lesson to the S.lla Giacalone's sister and F.llo Giacalone's cousin because they are both investigating the church right now and are here on vacation. We taught the Plan of Salvation, and both of them just seemed so prepared. They had such good answers, and the way they thought things had to be were so close except for a couple details it was incredible. It kinda shows that man by himself knows kinda the direction he needs to go, but doesnt know the exact degree on the compass that will take him there. Then we start getting ready to cook dinner. But Lo and Behold, literall all of the food got left in town. So 3 italian women put their heads together, and they start looking at everything they had. And it turns into a "stone soup" story. A couple of vegetables were found, some pasta showed up, and literally out of almost nothing, 3 italian women made one of the best sauces and pastas that I have ever eaten. It blows my mind. I wish I could do that.
Anways, I think that is everything for today! Thanks for all the support I get from everyone!
Vi Voglio Bene,
Anziano Parry
P.S. If you couldnt guess, the Answer is Mario.

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